Summer Math Activities to Get Kids Outdoors

Summer Math Activities

All of these math activities offer children a chance to get outdoors and have fun while practicing their math skills. Parents, teachers, and camp counselors can use an outdoor summer math activity to keep kids engaged and learning. Overall, be sure to celebrate a child’s success and HAVE FUN! 🙂

Thanksgiving Activity

Thanksgiving Mystery Picture Worksheet It’s almost Thanksgiving! We made this cute worksheet to help students practice plotting points. Use it along with our Cartesian Coordinate Hop mat or desk sticker for some added movement and fun! Download the Worksheet Let us know if you use this worksheet with your students! We hope you all have […]

Fun Activities To Get You and Your Child Excited About Learning

Fun Activities to Get You and Your Child Excited About Learning Parent Engagement and Math A parent’s self-confidence in math is said to be “the strongest predictor of mathematics achievement” [1]. If a parent doesn’t understand the material a student is learning, don’t feel confident in the content, or if they simply dislike math, these […]

Pi Day Activities and Games For Your Classroom

Mathtastic Pi Day Activities Pi Day (3/14) celebrates pi, the mathematical constant used to find the circumference of a circle. When you divide the circumference of a circle by its diameter, the result is pi. As of 2019, Google mathematician Emma Haruka Iwao calculated the value of pi up to 31.4 trillion place values. That’s […]

Holiday Fun Math Games

Have Some Fun With These Holiday Math Games Deck the Halls, the Holiday Season is Upon Us! Colorful lights fill the neighborhood and delicious food fills our plates. Along with these holiday cheers, comes packed bellies and sleepy minds. As students are headed home for break, teachers can prepare simple math activities for them to […]

3 Fun Ways to Keep Your Kids School-Ready This Summer!

3 Fun Ways to Keep Your Kids School-Ready This Summer! As summer starts to swing into full gear, it’s important to not lose sight of all the hard work students put into their education for the last nine months during the school year. While summer is a time of fun and celebrations, it should also […]

Spring Activities

Here are some fun Spring activities you can use in your classroom to make math fun and active! Bunny Hop for Fours Make bunny ears. Whisper, “one.” Bend left ear down (bend left-hand fingers forward). Whisper, “two.” Bend right ear down (bend right-hand fingers forward). Whisper, “three.” Clap‚ “FOUR!” Continue on to forty… Carrot Printable Print […]

Holiday Multiples

Students form partner pairs and choose a multiple. Then, they will toss a holiday ornament back and forth to each other while skip counting by that multiple. Students could also toss a dreidel back and forth — or any other holiday item! See if they can make it through the multiple faster next time!

Take It Outside!

Pick a multiple and practice skip counting by that multiple while taking turns tossing the water balloon back and forth to a partner. If you drop the water balloon and it breaks, you have to do jumping jacks while skip counting by that multiple all by yourself.

Finger Speed-Sums

The class breaks into partners and each partner has one hand behind their back. On the count of three, they each put forward some number of fingers. Whoever says the sum of both players’ fingers first wins. Then the pair breaks up and each person finds a new person to play with. Older players can […]