CoSer-Aidable Kinesthetic Learning Resources for Your School


We offer a collection of materials designed to engage young minds in exciting and educational activities that foster creativity, critical thinking, and teamwork. Enter your email to download a full guide about our program! 

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after school program curriculum learning kits


The Math & Movement Program

Math & Movement is a play-based, multi-sensory approach to learning. Our products get kids moving and learning! We provide kinesthetic teaching tools, like floor mats, for students to jump and learn core concepts. We also offer math kits, PD (onsite and virtual), stair riser stickers, sensory hallways, PE kits, SEL, literacy kits, and NYS Next Generation books. Plus, our materials are aligned to NYS Next Generation Learning Standards.

Backed by Science

Our program is supported by extensive brain science research. We use the positive link between movement and learning to increase learning and improve concept retention.

Easy To Implement

Our materials are thoughtfully crafted to cater to the needs of both educators and students, providing an engaging experience for students while still being easily implemented into daily lessons.

Versatile for Every Setting

Our activities seamlessly adapt to individual students, small groups, large classrooms, and various learning times, including after/before school and physical education, ensuring flexibility for all environments.


What are the CoSer-Aidable Program Requirements?

  1. Teachers from at least two school districts must attend the training. This could be the teachers from your district and only a few guest teachers from another district. 
  2. BOCES will advertise the training on My Learning Plan. This might help you get a second school district involved. Alternatively, you could contact a few educator friends from other districts and ask them to join the workshop. 


*CoSer aidable services are supported by the State of New York, offering financial incentives to participating school districts. The aid provided is based on a formula reflecting the district’s financial resources, making these services beneficial and cost-effective. New York State usually refunds the money in the following budget year through their Coser-Aidable program. Check with your local BOCES for additional details on your aid rate and how this program could fit your school’s needs.

Ready to move forward? Follow these steps:

1. Select a PD Training Date

Select the workshop date for your in-person training. This date can change if needed! Just let us know. 

If you prefer a virtual workshop, let us know and we can create a quote for you! The packages we currently have below are for in-person training. 

2. Choose Your Kit

Review program materials and download a quote for the kit you would like using our “add to quote” feature. It is super simple: click the “add to quote” button when you are ready! Select your materials from the options below. We have three bundles to choose from. 

Workshop Kit

Standard Workshop Kit

Complete Workshop Kit