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Eagle Creek Third Graders Participate in Moving & Learning Classrooms Program

Amy Egan's third grade classroom at Eagle Creek Elementary was awarded funding to participate in a Moving & Learning Classrooms Program. This program provided Ms. Egan with training, materials, and virtual intervention sessions.

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Students at Eagle Creek Elementary are skip counting towards success! Thank you, City of Arlington, Washington and Community Foundation of Snohomish County for your generous support in kick-starting the “Moving & Learning Classrooms” program at Eagle Creek Elementary! 

Program Dates

January 6, 2021 – March 1, 2021

Program Details

Over the course of the program, Math & Movement founder, Suzy Koontz, held live, virtual sessions with the third graders. She went over active math movements that help students skip count and helped them use the Skip Counting by 3’s floor mat to solve their practice problems. Throughout the school day, Ms. Egan also incorporated the mats into lessons.

Watch how the third graders interacted with Suzy Koontz for the half-hour intervention lessons:

Play Video

Program Results

Column 1: Pretest % Correct (1/6/21)

Column 2: One month post-test % Correct (2/1/21) Zoom session with Suzy and Skip Counting by 3s mat was available

Column 3: Two month post-test % Correct (3/1/21) Skip Counting by 3s mat NOT set out

Missing column information indicates student was absent.

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