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Make learning first grade math fun with the Add/Subtract, Clock Hop, and Dollar Hop kinesthetic floor mats from Math & Movement.

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First Grade Math Mats

The first grade math curriculum serves as the foundation for future math classes. Learning fundamental skills like addition, subtraction, telling time, and money gives students a strong start to their math learning experience. It’s also important to make learning math enjoyable.  So how can students reinforce their understanding of these skills while having fun? Along with the included math games for first grade learners, these three floor mats encourage students to practice new concepts through movement.

Addition and Subtraction Games For First Grade

Math & Movement’s Add/Subtract mat gives your students a kinesthetic opportunity to practice skills related to addition and subtraction. These skills include one-to-one correspondence, odd and even numbers, addition and subtraction, skip counting by any number, counting forward to 100 and backward from 100, and general number sense. While most activities only require the Add/Subtract mat, we recommend keeping some dice, bean bags, and index cards on hand. 

The Add/Subtract floor mat also comes with an activity guide full of fun math games for first grade students, including the Race to One:

  1. Have players line up at 100 on the mat and roll a set of dice. Whoever gets the lowest number goes first.
  2. The first player rolls the dice and takes that number of steps backwards towards 1.
  3. The second player rolls the dice and takes that many steps backwards.
  4. Continue until one of the students reaches 1.

Additionally, you can find other fun games for first grade students in the Add/Subtract Mat Activity Guide included when you purchase this mat.

Telling Time with the Clock Hop Mat

When your students learn to tell time, use the Clock Hop Mat to practice their analog clock skills. The mat features a brightly colored clock with minute and hour marks. As an added bonus, you can also use this mat to practice skip counting by 5s!

First Grade Math and Money

For classes learning about money, try the Dollar Hop Mat. Hop around the floor mat to learn which coins add up to equal a dollar. This mat also reinforces the value of each coin, and comes with printable coins to use in each game.

You can find all of our first grade math floor mats on our website. For individual desk work, consider ordering any of these mats as a sticker. Please contact us with any questions about our mats or for more information about getting started with Math & Movement.

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