Hopscotch for Threes

The Hopscotch for Threes Sticker is a great way to practice multiplication by 3 facts! Have your students start with the Pre-Test below.

Then, spend some time jumping on the sticker, using the activities below to guide you!


Before hopping on the sticker:

Ask your child how many of these multiplication by 3s problems they know. (Mark it off and try to remember for the final survey!)

1 x 3

2 x 3

3 x 3

4 x 3

5 x 3

6 x 3

7 x 3

8 x 3

9 x 3

10 x 3


Play Video

Have your students begin on START HERE. Have a student whisper “one, two” while jumping with
two feet on the numerals one and two. (One foot on each numeral.) Then, have the student hop with
one foot on the three, clap, and say “three” in a loud voice (if your learning environment permits).
Continue alternating between two-foot and one-footed movements to the end of the mat. Repeat the
activity until the student is comfortable with the activity.

Have your student start on the 3, clap, and shout, “THREE!” Then, jump on the 6, clap, and shout,
“SIX!” Have them continue down the mat only jumping on the multiples of three.

Have a student toss a bean bag on the mat. Then hop to the bean bag, alternating between one and
two-footed movements, saying the numbers as they go down the mat. (You can have them ‘whisper
loud’ count or skip count while they jump down the mat.) When they reach the bean bag, have them
pick it up and say the numeral the bean bag landed on.

Give a student a multiplication problem by three (verbally or from a flashcard). Example: 3 x 3
The student will begin on START HERE. They will jump forward on the multiples of three until they’ve
jumped three times. When they get to the third red square, their answer, they will say, “3 times 3
equals nine!”

To divide, have the student stand on any multiple of three then jump on the multiples back to 0. How
many jumps it takes is the answer. For example, if the problem is 30 ÷ 3, they will begin on the 30 facing START HERE. They will then jump on all of multiples of 3, counting each jump, one (on 27), two
(on 24), three (on 21) and so on. When they reach zero on their tenth jump, they will say, “30 divided
by 3 equals 10!”