Leap Into Learning

with stair riser stickers, sensory hallways, floor mats, and comprehensive math and literacy kits

A Whole-Body Approach to Learning

Our mission is simple: Get students active and confident in math. By combining data, research, and decades of collective teaching experience, we have created a series of kinesthetic, state standard-aligned teaching materials and resources.

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Why Math & Movement Works

Backed by Science

Our program is supported by extensive brain science research. We use the positive link between movement and learning to increase learning and improve concept retention.

Easy To Implement

Our materials are thoughtfully crafted to cater to the needs of both educators and students, providing an engaging experience for students while still being easily implemented into daily lessons.

Versatile for Every Setting

Our activities seamlessly adapt to individual students, small groups, large classrooms, and various learning times, including after/before school and physical education, ensuring flexibility for all environments.

“It’s an amazing program. I love that it’s supplemental to our core curriculum. It’s a really nice springboard and seems to support our math in focus series in a way that gets kids tired out at the same time!”


Principal, Woodlawn Elementary School

Our Top Kits and Materials

We know your time is precious! That’s why we hand-selected these groups of products based on grade levels and content areas. 

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School Districts We Have Worked With

Our program is trusted and loved by a network of over 15,000 educators. We are active in 46 different states across the country. Is your school next?

Math & Movement Order Steps

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Explore our curated kits and materials for various grade levels. Our K-5 Math and Literacy Kits have great shipping discounts! Need assistance? Our team is here to guide you in finding the perfect resources for your educational needs.

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Easily request a quote using our website’s ‘Request a Quote’ button. After submitting your quote request, you will receive a downloadable quote to share with your purchasing team. The quote will include shipping details and reflect many schools’ tax-exempt status. ​

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