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Literacy Surprise Box Giveaway

Are you looking for ways to engage your students and get them excited about reaching literacy milestones? Sight word recognition and grammar play a crucial part in every young reader’s success. According to Dr. John Ratey, author of Spark: The Revolutionary New Science of Exercise and the Brain, movement is like ‘Miracle-Gro’ for the brain. 

To support educators and students, we have created a Literacy Surprise Box Giveaway! We are giving away heavy-duty indoor stickers that can be applied to school hallways, gyms, multipurpose rooms, and classrooms. Increase reading rates, grammar understanding, sight word recognition, and more with these fun stickers. 

Open to US residents only. 13 winners will be randomly selected and notified by email.

Giveaway Details

Number of Giveaways

13 winners will be selected to receive a surprise literacy box.

Winner Selection Process

First come first serve. If you are the first person in your state to apply and we still have boxes available, then we will send you a surprise box. Open to US residents only.

Possible Box Options

Please also note that all surprise boxes will be randomly assigned to winners and we cannot guarantee specific items in each box. 

Box Option 1

Box Option 2

Box Option 3

Box Option 4

Box Option 5

**Please note: These stickers may have slight discoloration or bubbling or wrinkles. This will not affect their usability!