Ten Frame

 The Ten Frame materials offer a kinesthetic opportunity for students to understand basic number facts. Students enjoy using their whole body to develop number sense. 

The following activities can be used with the Ten Frame Floor Mat, Sticker, or Stencil.

Kindergarten - Grade 1


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    1. Meeting on the Mat

      Have two students stand on two different numbers. How many hops will it take for one student to reach the other?
      Kindergarten, Grade 1
    2. Add or Subtract 5

      The student will be given a number and then subtract or add 5. To solve, they will stand on the number given by the teacher (teacher can give the number...
      Kindergarten, Grade 1
    3. How Many Less

      Same as the above activity, but have students make subtraction problems. For example, mark 8. Stand on 10 and see how many hops to get back to 8. Then, say...
      Kindergarten, Grade 1
    4. How Many More

      Have a student mark out a number. Then, ask them to hop on the spaces following it and count how many are left until they reach 10. For example, the...
      Kindergarten, Grade 1
    5. Compare Numbers and Amounts

      Make a number (e.g., 3) with markers on 1, 2, and 3. Then, make a different number (e.g., 6) with a different color marker. Ask which is greater or less.
      Kindergarten, Grade 1
    6. Trace the Number

      Have students trace the numbers with their two fingers (pointer and middle) and say the number.
      Kindergarten, Grade 1
    7. Dice Roll

      Have a student roll a die and make that number on the ten frame.
      Kindergarten, Grade 1
    8. More or Less

      Add to the above activities by asking the student the following questions: What is (one, two, etc.) more than the number they made? What is (one, two, etc.) less?
      Kindergarten, Grade 1
    9. Make the Number

      Create flashcards with numbers 1-10. Show a student a card and have him or her place the correct number of markers on the mat. Repeat several times with different numbers....
      Kindergarten, Grade 1
    10. What’s My Number?

      Put markers (e.g., bean bags) on each square from 1 to 7. Have the student tell you how many markers you have by hopping and counting each hop all the...
      Kindergarten, Grade 1