Math & Movement supports Math-A-Thons for the purpose of increasing math fluency. Math-A-Thons transform math practice into a fun game, thus encouraging students to solve a large number of math problems. Fluency is developed through practice and repetition.


A Penny-A-Problem is a Math-A-Thon that allows students to increase their math skills and to raise money for their school. Students secure pledges for solving math problems and then solve as many math problems as possible during the Math-A-Thon time period.

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 Here are the steps to have a Math-A-Thon at your   school or organization:

  • Students bring home a pledge sheet one week before the start of the Math-A-Thon. Students are encouraged to obtain pledges of one penny for each problem solved.
  • Pledges may come from parents, relatives, neighbors, friends, local businesses or other organizations that support math education.
  • Students obtain math worksheets from the school that are appropriate for their academic level. The child will receive one point for each correct answer. Students are encouraged to solve as many easy problems as possible. Teachers, parents or other volunteer staff correct math worksheets and tally the total number of points that the child received. The child will have the opportunity to correct his/her error(s) to receive full credit.
  • Math-A-Thons generally run for five to ten days. On each day of the Math-A-Thon, the principal will report the number of problems solved by each grade level and for the entire school.
  • Corporate sponsors often agree to sponsor an entire school.

Check back soon for info about our Read-A-Thon!