Professional Development Events and Workshops for Teachers

Math & Movement offers a wide variety of professional development for teachers. Each type of event provides attendees with kinesthetic teaching experience and professional development credit. We work with school districts and individual schools to make sure the course material is closely aligned to state standards. We want to provide you with the right tools to make your students succeed.

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Kinesthetic Professional Development Training for Teachers

What will teachers learn at a Math & Movement PD Event?

Attendees learn brain-based tools for teaching content and a unique set of energizers called “math-movements.” These tools are designed to build cognition and number sense by including cross-lateral moving and counting with varied voice levels. 

What kinesthetic teaching materials will be provided?

Teachers will always have a chance to receive free materials at a Math & Movement professional development training. Whether it be a floor mat raffle, or a Math & Movement training manual, the odds are always good! We will offer free e-books covering many of our math or literacy concepts, children’s books for your classroom or library, and/or printable banners. (A specific list of materials will be provided before the event.)

What type of professional development credit will be provided?

For each professional development event, we make sure to fully align our content and training curricula, with the schools’ standards, ensuring teachers will learn valuable teaching skills and strategies for their classrooms. Certificates for proof of credit will be sent out after each event.