K-5 Summer Learning Kits

Summer Learning Kits for K-5 Programs

The Math & Movement Summer Learning Kits are designed to enhance summer learning for K-5 students. Featuring kinesthetic math mats and engaging resources, these kits make math interactive and memorable.

The colorful mats and accompanying materials cover various grade-level concepts, fostering hands-on learning. By integrating movement into math instruction, these kits make learning enjoyable while promoting a deeper understanding of mathematical concepts.

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Choose Your Summer Learning Kit

We have created three summer learning kit options to best suit a range of needs for K-5 Programs. With the Math & Movement Summer Learning Kits, students can have a fun and engaging summer experience while building a strong foundation in mathematics.


A perfect place to start for schools looking for a basic kit of our most popular floor mats.


Our mid-level kit includes a larger range of materials to encompass more concepts and activities.


A comprehensive set of materials to cover a detailed range of core concepts and activities.

Want to learn more before purchasing?

Talk with our team to learn more about the Math & Movement program
and the benefits of kinesthetic learning.

School Districts We Have Worked With

Our program is trusted and loved by a network of over 15,000 educators. We are active in 46 different states across the country. Is your school next?

Detailed Activities

Receive unlimited access to our online activity database with your purchase. Search by floor mat name and find activities for everyday use. The database also has videos and worksheets for many of our materials for teachers to use in lessons.

Movement is like "Miracle Grow" for the Brain

Movement increases growth factors and connections between neurons in the prefrontal cortex of the brain. The prefrontal cortex is responsible for developing complex cognitive abilities like:

  • planning
  • thought analysis
  • creativity
  • abstract thinking
  • social behavior
math kit training

Math Kit Training Options

Because this school year has brought a unique set of challenges for schools, we have changed the setup of our PD training to make participation easier for teachers.

If you are interested in the ‘with training’ kit options, your educators will receive 1 hour of virtual training on your materials. (Allows for up to 100 participants.)

Backed by Research

Math & Movement strives to make learning fun and easy for students and empower teachers with strategies and materials for kinesthetic learning. Across America, 200 schools and 1,266,800 students in grades K-8 have gained confidence in math and literacy using our floor mats and activities.

Eagle Creek students using our mats
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Durable + Cost Effective

We know every penny counts in education, which is why our materials are made to last. Our math materials have been found to last up to 10 years with proper care. The durable materials allow students across multiple grade levels and academic years to benefit from movement-based learning. 

Ready to Get Started?

Math & Movement has been an industry leader in kinesthetic learning for over 12 years!  Many schools need a copy of our W-9 to place an order. Fill out our new customer form to receive a copy of our W-9! Or, use the form to send us your PO if you’re ready.


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