Jump & Learn Words Workbook

Jump & Learn Words Workbook offers enjoyable practice with 203 Dolch sight words. Students trace, search for, and spell each word. Seven additional questions are included for each word to strengthen a student’s word knowledge. Word lists and pre-and post-tests are included.


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Have fun learning sight words!

Learning how to read is difficult at any age. Our Jump & Learn Words workbook is here to help! This Dolch sight words workbook makes learning high frequency words fun and engaging. Young students will enjoy practicing sight words with activities including tracing, word search, and fill in the blank.

These sight word activities for kindergarten through 3rd grade will help boost students’ reading fluency while increasing their word recognition skills. Writing and tracing in the workbook will also help improve their dexterity. This book includes 203 sight words.

This literacy workbook is designed to use alongside our Word Hop floor mats, stickers (indoor or outdoor), and/or stencils. The multi-sensory approach will help grow young learners’ retention and vocabulary. Play-based learning keeps students engaged and encourages active learning. Take a look at our activity database for more activities and sensory play to keep your students on their feet.


Student using Word Hop A outdoor sticker Student using Word Hop mat


How to Use

Over four days, students jump to practice the words, repeatedly. Students jump with 2 feet on the word while simultaneously saying the word. Each day, the student jumps a minimum of five times while saying each of the seven words.

One student can do the activity alone or a group of 4-7 students can engage in the activity simultaneously. If a student does not know the word initially, an adult or student partner tells the student the word.



Each day, after the jumping activity, students complete part of the corresponding page in the workbook.

  • On the first day, students complete the Trace the Word section.
  • On the second day, students complete the Word Search section.
  • On the third day, students complete the Fill in the Blank section.
  • On the fourth day, students complete the Show Your Word Knowledge section.


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