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1-Hour Movement-Based Learning Webinar

Bring Active Learning to Your School

Are you looking for engaging professional development for your teachers? Fit this 1-hour virtual session on movement-based learning into your district’s PD schedule this fall. 

The Webinar

Kinesthetic Strategies
to Improve Math Outcomes

Webinar Details

This interactive presentation offers kinesthetic strategies that support the modules, build number sense and critical thinking, and increase a student’s fluency and ability to focus and understand. All participants will receive the Math & Movement Training Manual ebook.

Attendees will receive a 1-hour professional development certificate (to be approved by your district for continuing education credit). The Math & Movement program is aligned to most state standards and linked to the common core. Includes up to 100 participants (100 devices).

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Target Audience: Educators and Parents of PreK-5th grade students

All participants will receive:

  • A copy of the Math & Movement Training Manual (ebook)
  • 1-hour PD certificate (to be approved by the district administration for credit)

Webinar Cost: $300   Includes 1-hour of professional development and 100 Training Manuals. (Total Value: $3,295)

Benefits of Exercise

Discover the many ways that exercise can benefit learning and increase retention.

Meet State Standards

Math & Movement is aligned with many state standards and can help students increase test scores.

Add Math Practice

Learn easy-to-apply and powerful techniques for adding extra math practice into classroom and Physical Education lessons.

Brain Break Ideas

Train your students to develop their own Math & Movement exercises and active math movements.

Why Would This Benefit You?

We understand the challenges of coming up with new ways to present materials. We want to present you with new content and ideas that you can use in your classroom, online, or during home instruction.

You will learn new strategies for increasing student engagement, making math fun, teaching kinesthetic learners, building number sense, and bringing the joy of learning back into the classroom!

Interested in this Professional Development Webinar?

Limited time offer: Book your training by December 31st and receive the training for FREE! Your actual webinar date may be any time before or after December 31st. We just need to have it confirmed before December 31st to honor this offer.

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