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Trauma and Learning: Using Movement to Support Students with Adverse Childhood Experiences

A landmark study by Felitti and Anda found that 67% of the US population has one or more ACE (Adverse Childhood Experience). Students with ACEs come from every socio-economic class, culture, and ethnicity. The likelihood that one of your students will have one or more ACEs is high. The current pandemic has stock-piled more potential ACEs for your students including food insecurity, death of a loved one, parental addiction to drugs/alcohol, divorce, or loss of income for one or more parents. In addition, new family stressors may include parental inexperience with teaching their child, isolation, stay-at-home orders, or future economic uncertainty. The difficult truth is that students with Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) usually find traditional learning environments unsuitable for their needs.


This 6-part virtual training includes the background on ACEs, and toxic stress, brain research, the damaging consequences for students with ACES, the appropriate role of the educator, and innovative strategies to calm students and help them learn.

What You Will Learn In This Training

About trauma-informed teaching and how to utilize the ACE lens

Teaching strategies that help students with ACEs overcome the learning barrier and excel in their academic career

Strategies that promote students’ feeling safe, appreciated, loved, and valued

How trauma affects student behavior and learning

Practical techniques and strategies that will provide encouragement and hope for the many students with ACEs.

Suggestions for in-person classrooms, virtual instruction, and blended learning

What This Training Includes

The Math & Movement Training Manual ebook by Suzy Koontz

Using Movement to Reach Students: Kinesthetic Learning for the Trauma-Informed Classroom ebook by Suzy Koontz and the Math & Movement team

10 Hours of Professional Development
(certificate provided after course)

The Sessions

If you cannot attend all of the sessions at the designated time, recordings will be available.

Homework will be given after each session to consist of the other 4 hours of professional development. Homeworks range from watching TedTalks to creating practical, movement-based plans you can use in your own classroom.

1. Trauma and Its Effect on Students

Wednesday, July 7, 10:30 AM

2. How Toxic Stress Damages the Brain

Friday, July 9, 10:30 AM

3. How and Why Kinesthetic Learning Benefits All Students 

Wednesday, July 14, 10:30 AM

4. The Role of the Educator in Supporting Students with ACEs

Friday, July 16, 10:30 AM

5. Literacy: Practical Strategies to Counteract the Ill-Effects of ACEs and Toxic Stress

Wednesday, July 21, 10:30 AM

6. Math: Practical Techniques to Attenuate the Damage of ACEs and Toxic Stress

Friday, July 21, 10:30 AM

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$ 225 Only $22.50 per PD hour!
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