Family Fun Night

Math has never been so much fun!

Your school or organization can sponsor a fun-filled, high energy math event! Host a Math and Movement™ active learning Family Fun Night for two hours of family time loaded with enjoyable activities for both numeracy and literacy. Children use fun floor mats and wall charts to learn math and reading concepts through movement. This enjoyable event boosts kids' confidence in math skills—and parents have fun too!



The Family Fun Night includes 40 stations:

  • Numberline Hopping Mats for Learning to Skip Count by 2's, 3's, 4's, 6's, 7's, 8's and 9's
  • Skip Counting Banners for 3's, 4's, 6's, 7's, 8's, and 9's
  • Clock Hop floor mat
  • Cartesian Coordinates floor mat
  • Add/Subtract floor mat
  • Hop Scotch by 3's floor mat
  • Place Value Hop P2 floor mat
  • Equivalent Fraction Hop
  • Fraction Walk 1/3 and 1/6 floor mat
  • Positive/Negative Numbers floor mat
  • Factor Fun floor mat
  • Dollar Hop floor mat
  • Geometric Shapes Hop floor mat
  • Planet Hop
  • Make-A-Word Hop floor mat and cards
  • Homophone Hop Scotch
  • Contraction Hop Scotch
  • Spanish Number Line 1-10 floor mat
  • Color Hop floor mat
  • States and Capitals Alabama floor mat and matching cards
  • Alphabet Hop floor mat
  • Sentence Hop floor mat set (Includes Sentence Hop A, B, C and D)
  • Blending Mat B-H floor mat/cards
  • Word Hop A floor mat
  • Word Hop B floor mat
  • Word Hop C floor mat
  • Multiply With Me, Learning to Multiply Can Be Fun- Instructor Guide and Student Workbook (2 hard copies and e-books for ALL parents and students)
  • Math & Movement Training Manual for Elementary Schools (2 hard copies and e-books for ALL teachers and volunteers)
  • Common Core lesson plans (e-books for ALL teachers, parents and volunteers)


Use Family Fun Night as a fundraiser! Earn money for your school or organization by hosting a Family Fun Night and help your children become comfortable with math and reading basic skills. We provide the floor mats, activity instructions, suggested event guidelines and in some locations the event leader, and teacher training. Call for pricing and availability (607-233-4209). You provide the location and families! Let us work with your group to provide a great night out for families of kids through age 12, or special needs kids of all ages.


Why Host a Family Fun Night?

  • "Elementary students get the opportunity to strengthen their math skills through enjoyable activities."
  • "Parents' confidence in tutoring their children increases."
  • "The math skills of volunteers improve. How often do we hear Americans say, "I can't do math?" During the evening, volunteers have math-related "aha" moments along with students."
  • "Older students get an important opportunity to improve their own math skills through helping younger students. The process of teaching always solidifies one's own knowledge."
  • "The community is encouraged to join together to increase its collective math and reading ability."
  • "Strong school/community relationships are promoted."
  • "Parent/child bonds are strengthened."
  • "An enjoyable learning experience is had by all."


The Family Fun Night also includes training for volunteers (teachers, staff, parents, community members and older students) in locations where a Math & Movement consultant is available. In other locations, the Family Fun Night materials are shipped. A telephone consultation is scheduled to address training and how to organize and run a Family Fun Night. Please call for pricing and availability of Math & Movement consultants (607-233-4209).


Don't Miss this New Bonus!

Boost your students' math ability with the Family Fun Night e-book bonus!

The Family Fun Night includes e-books for ALL your school community! Your teachers, staff and Family Fun Night volunteers will receive The Math and Movement Training Manual for Elementary Schools e-book ($1,500 value, based on 75 teachers/volunteers requesting the e-book).

Your parents and community members who attend the event will receive the "Learn to Multiply Set" which includes two e-books, Multiply With Me, Learning to Multiply Can Be Fun, Instructor Guide and Student Workbook ($5,500 value based on 200 families attending the event).



Advantages of a Family Fun Night!


Boosts Math Ability!

Use the Family Fun Night to kick off an all school "Learn to Multiply" initiative!

The e-books, Multiply With Me, Learning to Multiply Can Be Fun, are designed for the parent to teach their child to multiply in simple, scripted lessons that include fun games and physical activity. The workbook uses large print, coloring, and a step-by-step process to engage children. Even the most reluctant learners love to learn math with Math & Movement™!

Raise funds with the Family Fun Night!

Use the Family Fun Night as a fund-raiser. Use a grant or encourage a sponsor to fund the night. Charge admission to raise funds. Include a spaghetti or pizza dinner to earn additional funds.

Encourages Community Support of Learning!

Finds Sponsors to fund the Family Fun Night. Additional funding can be used to purchase Math & Movement Floor Mats for your school!

Click here for a sponsorship template for the Family Fun Night

Let us help you secure grant funding!

Click here for a grant template for the Family Fun Night

If you would like to purchase the mats and other products used during the event, please check out our store!

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