Get Moving with Virtual Family Fun Nights!

Our Virtual Family Fun Night is led virtually by a Math & Movement Educator and includes a virtual scavenger hunt with questions for families to complete together. This is a great option for schools needing to fill their family engagement requirements during the pandemic.

What to Expect

Event Details and Promotion Prior to the Event Day
Introduction with a Math & Movement Educator 15 Minutes
Scavenger Hunt 1 hour

Scavenger Hunt


The year is 1914. Dr. Howard Carter, the famed archaeologist and explorer, is en route to the land of Egypt with a crew of archaeologists (including you!) to excavate the wondrous Valley of the Kings! This valley has housed the tombs of ancient Egyptian nobles and royal family members for around 4,000 years! 


The trek from the capital of Cairo to the ancient city of Luxor is a long one, but Dr. Carter has trusted you to navigate the crew to the famous valley to begin excavation. Carter believes the valley still holds secrets and a mysterious pharaoh lays waiting to be discovered – you just need to get there first. Good luck!

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