Practice Math and Literacy at a Fun-Filled Event with Friends and Family!

A Math & Movement Family Fun Night is a high-energy math and reading event that increases parental engagement. Children use fun floor mats and wall charts to learn math and reading concepts through movement. The event boosts students’ confidence in math and reading skills – and parents have fun, too! Family Fun Nights are great for kids of all ages–from preschool through middle school. Individual events can be tailored to specific age or ability groups

Sample Event Structure

Set Up 30 minutes
Volunteer Training 1-1.5 hours
Family Fun Night 1-2 hours (your choice!)
Clean Up 30 minutes

Why Host A Family Fun Night?

The community is encouraged to join together.

Promote strong school and community relationships.

Older students improve their skills by helping younger students.

Strengthen parent/child bonds.

Interested in the next steps? Pricing and availability are determined based on location. Please use the interest form below so we can determine your eligibility for an in-person Family Fun Night.

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