Practice Math and Literacy at a Fun-Filled Event with Friends and Family!

A Math & Movement Family Fun Night is a high-energy math and reading event that increases parental engagement. Children use fun floor mats and wall charts to learn math and reading concepts through movement. The event boosts students’ confidence in math and reading skills – and parents have fun, too! Family Fun Nights are great for kids of all ages–from preschool through middle school. Individual events can be tailored to specific age or ability groups.

In-person Family Fun Nights are now only available with our full day, in-person workshop bundle or if you are in an approved county for sponsorship.

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family fun night

Sample Event Structure

Set Up
1 hour

Your Math & Movement Consultant will arrive at your event location with all of the Family Fun Night Materials - over 30 stations. The Consultant and volunteers will set up and tape down all floor mats. Volunteers are encouraged to assist in set up if possible.

Volunteer Training
1 hour

Volunteers are trained in how to operate the stations and lead activities before the event begins. Volunteers are generally teachers and staff from your school. Local High School students can also be great volunteers. 

Family Fun Night
1 hour

Students and their families will arrive to a gymnasium filled with fun stations to explore. They will work through the stations together, learning as they go! Activity guides are provided for schools who wish to make copies for families. 

Clean Up
30 minutes

Your Math & Movement Consultant and volunteers will remove all tape from the floors and pack up the stations at the conclusion of the event.

Why Host A Family Fun Night?

The community is encouraged to join together.

Promote strong school and community relationships.

Older students improve their skills by helping younger students.

Strengthen parent/child bonds.

For Each Family Fun Night...

Math & Movement Provides

  • On the day of the event, the Math & Movement Event Presenter will arrive 2 hours before the start time to set up.
  • The Event Presenter will bring floor mats (stations) and set them up in the preferred event location (usually the gym or cafeteria) and secure the floor mats with tape.
  • The Event Presenter will provide training to the event volunteers and teachers.
  • During the event, the consultant will circulate, answering any questions that come up and generally help the event run smoothly.
  • Please review the sample timeline below for more information.

Each Family Fun Night includes about 30 different activity stations.

We Ask The School To Provide

  • Before the event, print the provided activity guide, enough for 1 per family or student.
  • Please also prepare plenty of writing utensils for participants.
  • A table outside of the event space for activity guides and writing utensils.
  • A large space for the event – most often the gym – that is free from students and equipment at the time the consultant arrives to set up.
  • 3-4 volunteers to assist with setup.
  • 10-15 volunteers to arrive an hour before the event start time for training on the mat stations. These volunteers stay for the event also.
  • 3-4 volunteers to assist with clean up, un-taping, rolling up mats, and picking up materials.
  • And lots of tape! We recommend packing tape to secure the mats to the gym or cafeteria floor.

Interested in the next steps? Pricing and availability are determined based on location. Please use the interest form below so we can determine your eligibility for an in-person Family Fun Night.

Not sure what type of event you want to have yet? Fill out our Family Fun Night Interest Form to request more information.

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