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Hopscotch Games for Kinesthetic Multiplication Activities

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kinesthetic multiplication activities, activity, games, practice, hopscotch

Finding multiplication activities for your kids can be challenging. Students often get bored sitting at their desks completing worksheet after worksheet. Why not make multiplication practice into a game? Hopscotch games can become the perfect kinesthetic multiplication activity for your energetic class.

Create Your Own Hopscotch Game

Multiplication practice games can be set up using common classroom items. Plus, one of the biggest pros to using hopscotch as an activity for learning multiplication is that it can be played both indoors and outdoors!

You can create a hopscotch board with the numbers 1-10 either with chalk on the playground or tape in the classroom. To start, have a student jump on the number 1 and then roll a dice. Instruct the student to multiply 1 by the number that was rolled on the dice and say the answer out loud. Next, the student will jump on the number 2, roll the dice again, and then multiply again. Repeat this activity all the way down the board.

Math & Movement Products for Kinesthetic Multiplication Activities

Looking to take your hopscotch games to the next level? Math & Movement has a variety of products to help!

Our Doubles Hopscotch mat is a great place to start to introduce kids to multiplication by two. As students hop up this mat, they quickly learn that two groups of one equals two, two groups of two equal four, and so on all the way up to 20. Doubles Hopscotch is available as a floor mat that can be rolled up and stored away after use indoors.

If you are looking for something more permanent, Doubles Hopscotch is also available as a floor sticker for daily use in hallways or as an outdoor sticker for endless hopping out on the playground.

addition doubles fact, game of hopscotch, adding, facts
counting by 3's hopscotch for schools outdoor math games elementary

Our Hopscotch for Threes mat helps students skip count by threes up to thirty. This mat allows for a lot of creativity with movement and sound that will appeal to kinesthetic and auditory learners. Introduce students to the multiples of three by having them hop up the mat, beginning at “START HERE”. Have a student whisper “one, two” while jumping with two feet on the numerals one and two (one foot on each numeral).

Then, have the student hop with one foot on the numeral three, clap, and say “three” in a loud voice. Continue alternating between these movements all the way up the mat. Hopscotch for Threes is available as a floor mat, floor sticker, and outdoor sticker as well.

Finally, our Multiplication Hopscotch mat turns multiplication practice into a high-energy, active lesson. By jumping on each factor with one foot and then the product with two feet, students will learn and repeat multiplication from 1×1 to 10×10. Find Multiplication Hopscotch as a floor mat, floor sticker, and outdoor sticker.

Multiplication Hopscotch - fun way to learn multiplication

Multiplication Practice Games Outside

If you are looking for a more permanent option for multiplication activities in your outdoor play spaces, our stencils can be used to paint a variety of hopscotch boards on playground surfaces, basketball courts, and sidewalks. Use our Skip Counting Stencils to give students practice with specific multiples. Get creative with our 1-100 Stencils as you make number lines and number grids!

skip counting by 3s stencil
math stencils school number spray paint stencil numbers

Even More Multiplication Games for Kids

Did you know Math & Movement has an entire database for lessons, activities, and worksheets to use with our materials? This article just scratches the surface of kinesthetic multiplication activities!

Additionally, Math & Movement has all the pieces you need to play any multiplication game you want, including twelve-sided dice and bean bags. What multiplication games have you played (or even invented) with your kids? Let us know down below in the comments!

kinesthetic multiplication activities, activity, games, practice, hopscotch
kinesthetic multiplication activities, activity, games, practice, hopscotch

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