6 Ways to Thank a Teacher This Week

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6 Ways to Thank a Teacher This Week

This year, Teacher Appreciation Week looks a little different. With schools closed nationwide and online alternatives to education becoming the current teaching method, everyone has had to adjust tremendously. Parents, students, and especially teachers, have had to adjust quickly to a type of schooling that most have never experienced before. 

Teachers deserve to be appreciated every day.

Right now, they are navigating unknown and challenging circumstances and we are blown away by their resilience.

Here are six ways to thank your child’s teacher this week:

  1. Record a video message of you and your child, thanking the teacher for all that they have done. 
  2. Let your child design a digital card or color a picture that shares their appreciation for their teacher and all of their hard work. 
  3. On social media? Use #ThankATeacher to express your gratitude this week!
  4. Email the principal of your child’s school and give your child’s teacher all of the praise, especially while adapting to remote teaching. Not only will this gesture benefit the teacher’s standing at the school, but this positive feedback will most likely also make its way back to the teacher, boosting their confidence in their educational work. 
  5. Donate funds or supplies to the teacher’s classroom for when school can resume. With adequate resources, the teacher has one less thing to worry about when planning lessons and activities for students! Check with them to see if there is anything they could use!
  6. If you happen to know of the teacher’s favorite local restaurant, cafe, or store, send an electronic gift card to their email to share your appreciation!

To all of the teachers, we see all of the work you do and we appreciate you. Not just today, but every day. 

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