A Week With Math & Movement

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A Week With Math & Movement

Got some antsy kids running around with too much energy and not enough to keep them busy? Our next challenge, #aweekwithmathandmovement, might be just the thing for you to do with them!

Why not practice math skills and get some of that endless energy out? Download our printable calendar here that your kids can check off each day once they complete the activity posted here on our account! This calendar also features a sneak peek of each day’s activity. 😉

Click the image to download the calendar PDF!

We will start posting the movement on Sunday, June 28th, so make sure to follow us on Instagram to stay up-to-date! Teachers, feel free to send this out to parents!

If you take any pictures or videos of your little ones completing #aweekwithmathandmovement, please feel free to share using the hashtag! We hope you have fun!

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