Active Math Movements

What Are Active Math Movements?

Active math movements are designed to give your students physical exercise while practicing one-to-one correspondence or skip counting. These movements do not require any materials and are perfect for short brain breaks throughout your school day!

Our active math movements are broken into two sections – whisper/loud movements and skip counting movements. Whisper/Loud Movements are the building blocks for skip counting movements.

Once students have mastered whisper/loud movements, they can move on to the skip counting movements, where they eliminate the whisper and only skip count.

The Whisper/Loud Counting Technique

The whisper/loud technique is an effective way to reinforce the intervals in the number line for different multiples. This counting technique is as follows:

Children whisper (or mouth) the numbers that are not the multiples. When they say the multiple, they say the number louder or shout it.

Example: To skip count by threes, you would use this pattern:

1 (whisper), 2 (whisper), 3 (LOUD)

4 (whisper), 5 (whisper), 6 (LOUD)

7 (whisper), 8 (whisper), 9 (LOUD)

10 (whisper), 11 (whisper), 12 (LOUD)

Sample Movement - The Elephant March

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