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The Skipper Kit

Our mid-level kit includes a larger range of products to encompass more concepts and activities. Click to download a quote for the Skipper Kit.

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1.5 Hour virtual training for teachers and event volunteers with a Math & Movement Educator

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Advanced Math & Movement Family Fun Night Kit. Includes activity guides for all of the mats and a manual that can be printed and handed out to families at parent engagement events. Please note, shipping is included!


The Kit Includes:

Books –

  • Buddies: A Math Adventure (e-book)
  • Honey: A Math Adventure (e-book)
  • Jump & Learn Multiplication Workbook (e-book)
  • Multiply With Me – Instructor Guide (e-book)
  • Multiply With Me – Student Workbook (e-book)
  • Oodles of Algebra Set: Kindergarten – 3rd Grade (e-books)
  • I Love to Cancel Workbook (e-book)
  • Math & Movement Training Manual (e-book)
  • Multiplication Mar-A-Thon Workbooks (e-books)


Mats & Banners –

  • Skip Counting Digital Wall Banners
  • Skip Counting by 2s
  • Skip Counting by 3s
  • Skip Counting by 4s
  • Skip Counting by 6s
  • Skip Counting by 7s
  • Skip Counting by 8s
  • Skip Counting by 9s
  • Clock Hop
  • Add/Subtract (10 x 10 feet)
  • Equivalent Fraction Hop (10 x 10 feet)
  • Dollar Hop
  • My First Shapes Hop
  • Multiplication Hop (10 x 10 feet)
  • Cartesian Coordinate Hop (10 x 10 feet)
  • Hopscotch for Threes
  • Place Value Hop (P2) – millions
    • P2 Cards
  • Fraction Walk – Thirds & Sixths
  • Factor Fun Hop
    • Factor Fun Cards
  • Geometric Shapes Hop


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