Fifth Grade Math Floor Mats for New Concepts

Fifth grade math prepares students for middle school math and beyond. Make sure they're ready with these three Math & Movement floor mats.

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Third Grade Math Floor Mats

Fifth grade math is the last step before students begin to tackle more complicated algebraic and geometric concepts. Cementing their understanding of basic math concepts will set them up for success in middle school math classes. Just because students are older doesn’t mean they can’t still have fun learning math and get some exercise. Incorporate physical activity and extra math practice into your school day with these three fifth grade floor mats from Math & Movement.

Cartesian Coordinate Hop for Fifth Grade Math

The Cartesian Coordinate Hop floor mat teaches students about graphing and plotting. Students can kinesthetically practice locating points on a Cartesian coordinate grid, one-to-one correspondence, plotting shapes and equations of lines, and even calculating slope. Each mat is marked with an X and Y axis for easy set-up.

This mat is a favorite at many of Math & Movement’s Family Fun Nights! Like all of our floor mats, the Cartesian Coordinate Hop comes with a full activity guide and printable manipulatives. So check out one of our favorite fifth grade math games using this mat, Make a Shape:

  1. Write Cartesian coordinates that create a shape such as a rectangle, square, or circle on notecards. 
  2. Have a student select one card.
  3. Place an object on the mat according to the coordinate on the card and place the card under the object.
  4. Have students in your class take turns selecting cards and finding the corresponding point on the mat.
  5. Once your class selects all of the cards, have them determine what shape they made.
Fifth Grade Math Floor Mats

Prepare for Middle School Math with the PEMDAS Hop

The PEMDAS Hop reinforces students’ knowledge of the order of operations. Mastering this concept will prepare your class for middle school math concepts such as solving equations. PEMDAS Hop also comes with sets of fifth grade math problems that make great practice worksheets.

Decimal Place Value Hop

Place value may seem like a simple skill, but multi-place number building plays a crucial role in high-level mathematics. Make sure your students have mastered this concept with the Place Value Hop floor mats. Each mat covers different place values, working up to ten trillion or down to thousandths. While you can purchase these mats separately, the whole set makes practice sessions more comprehensive.

You can find all of our fifth grade floor mats on our website. For individual desk work, consider ordering any of these mats as a sticker. Please contact us with any questions about our mats or for more information about getting started with Math & Movement.

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