Fourth Grade Math Floor Mats

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Fourth Grade Math Floor Mats

Top 3 Fourth Grade Math Floor Mats

Looking to make fourth grade math more engaging for your students? Add some physical activity into their day by teaching math concepts with movement! Students love learning when they move, and it’s important to maintain their interest in math as they get older. So keep your class engaged and learning with these three fourth grade math floor mats.

Factor Fun Floor Mat

The Factor Fun floor mat uses manipulatives to reinforce multiplication concepts. First, place the printable factor cards in their marked places. Next, have students multiply the adjacent factors to find the products. This exercise is a great way to creatively reinforce multiplication tables and practice more complex multiplication skills.

While you can create your own activities, the Factor Fun Mat includes a free activity guide full of fun fourth grade math games to get started. For instance, check out one of our favorites, Missing Number:

  1. To start, set up the mat with some products and factors.
  2. Leave spaces between them blank.
  3. Have students solve the missing products and factors.
  4. For an added challenge, divide your class into two teams and time them to see who can solve the most problems faster.
Fourth Grade Math Floor Mats

Angle Hop Floor Mat for Fourth Grade Math

When your math class covers geometry, use the Angle Hop floor mat for extra practice identifying angles. This mat covers different types of angles and the relationships between them with illustrated examples in each section. You can also use this mat to teach the degrees in angles and shapes. 

Exponent Hop

Some math curricula begin teaching exponents in fourth grades. Great for visual and kinesthetic learners, the Exponent Hop floor mat shows exponents from powers zero to nine. It also includes a breakdown of each exponent’s components and examples of exponential notation. Additionally, you can use this mat to introduce exponents to younger students and add some movement to the school day. 

You can find all of our fourth grade floor mats on our website. When planning individual desk work assignments, consider ordering any of these mats as a sticker. Please contact us with any questions about our mats or for more information about getting started with Math & Movement.

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