Home Study Tips For School Closure

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10 Home Study Tips to Prepare Parents and Teachers for School Closures

Many schools have closed their doors and encouraged teachers and parents to adopt a home study plan until it’s possible to re-open. In the meantime, students still need to complete their classwork. Teachers and parents should work together to make sure students have the resources and guidance they need to excel at school. Check out these ten tips for transitioning students to home study and online classrooms.

Online Classroom Transition Tips for Teachers

1. Plan Homework Ahead

To make sure students stay on track with school curriculum, look ahead in your lesson plan. Create a take-home packet with any class work, homework, and extra materials students might need. Include a list of instructions for parents to guide student learning.

2. Keep Parents Informed

Before school closes, send a brief newsletter informing parents of your class’s tradition to online learning. This newsletter may include an update on what material your class is learning, curriculum guidelines for your state, and any websites you use for online learning and teleconferencing. 

3. Plan Regular Check-ins

During online class periods, check in frequently with your classroom parents. Assign a day each week to teleconference with parents about students’ progress and the lesson plan for the week. In addition to making sure students complete their work and stay on track with the curriculum, you will engage your parents and involve them in their children’s education.

4. Encourage Physical Activity

Physical activity is an important element of students’ health and well being, as well as a curriculum requirement. Talk with your students and their parents about the importance of including physical activity, such as kinesthetic exercise, in the day. Daily exercise helps students learn, boosts immunity, and can be integrated into daily lessons

5. Assign Extra Practice

To make sure your students have enough practice material, send them home with some extra resources. Math & Movement offers a Home Study Kit that includes a practice workbook aligned to the NYS Next Generation Standard curriculum, as well as a fun desk sticker. 

Home Study Tips for Parents

6. Follow A Home Study Schedule

Setting a schedule structures your day and gives children set time frames for each lesson or activity. For schoolwork, try to follow a routine that mimics your child’s school day, including when the day ends and begins. If they cover math in the morning, have them do their math work early in the day!

7. Separate Online Learning Space

While it may be more comfortable to sit on the couch and do homework, set aside a place for school work and homework. This practice helps children set boundaries between work spaces and play spaces, which will reduce stress and help students focus. Learning these skills early will also help students manage their time as they get older.

8. Take Study Breaks

Online learning doesn’t require a physical space or transitions between classrooms, but it’s still important to take breaks during the way. Taking brain breaks throughout the day helps children process what they learn and focus on one subject at a time. 

Consider setting time limits for how long children can work on each subject during the day. You can also use techniques like the Pomodoro method if your child has a lot of energy. The short, five-minute breaks are great opportunities to get up and move!

9. Make Time for Kinesthetic Exercise

Just because students are at home doesn’t mean they can’t be active! Set aside some time each day for kinesthetic exercise and cross-body movements. And you can even practice classroom math material using fun methods like skip-counting!

10. Add Social Time

School provides students with valuable social time they would not otherwise have. Include a break during the day for students to talk with their friends using video chat.

Do you have any tips for home study programs? Share your advice with us and other parents and teachers in the comments. We’d love to hear your suggestions!

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