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The Benefits of Outdoor Learning

It’s spring, which means your students may be more focused on getting outside for recess than understanding the lesson on the whiteboard. Can we blame them? Everyone loves being outside in the warmth and sunshine after a long, cold winter.

Did you know that learning doesn’t have to be restricted to the classroom? You can bring learning outdoors and, there are plenty of reasons why you should! Outdoor math activities and games can keep kids engaged in their lessons this spring.

Outdoor learning allows students to explore and use their imaginations instead of being restricted inside. Spending time outside breaks the monotony of the classroom. When young kids are given the freedom to explore on their own, they become confident learners.

It is proven that spending time outside improves physical, mental, and emotional health. Making time for physical activity prevents childhood obesity. Young kids are also able to develop their fine motor skills and spatial awareness while moving around.

Vitamin D from the sunlight strengths bones and muscles and supports the immune system. Time away from screens is beneficial for kids of all ages. Overall, being outside increases happiness and reduces stress.

Outdoor math games brings the class together. Kids will naturally socialize with one another as they play together. With this peer to peer interaction, they will build valuable relationships and grow their communication skills. 

Additionally, it is easier to be inclusive to different types of learners with outdoor learning. The outdoors provide a new surrounding for visual learners. Auditory learners are no longer restricted to a quiet indoor voice.

Kinesthetic learners will have the space to move their bodies around. Your class will feel much more connected with one another as they learn together!

Spring Activities with Math & Movement

Here at Math & Movement, we love bringing math activities outdoors! We’re sharing some of our favorite outdoor math activities with spring themes so your students can begin enjoying the benefits of outdoor learning.

These active math movements can be done using our outdoor stickers or number lines created from our stencils. If you haven’t gotten ahold of our outdoor stickers or stencils yet, you can use sidewalk chalk to write numbers on your school’s blacktop!

The following movements are meant to be a fun activity for the kids in your class, while building number recognition and teaching skip counting patterns. Physical activity boosts learning comprehension and improves memory retention. Best of all, your students will love being able to play while learning!

skip counting activities practice number lines on playgrounds outdoor
Skip Counting Outdoor Sticker
math stencils school number spray paint stencil numbers
1-100 Stencils

4s During April

April is the fourth month of the year. Practice counting by 4s on our Skip Counting by 4s outdoor sticker or on a painted number line from our stencils. Have students hop on one foot while shouting the multiples of 4. As an added challenge, once a student finishes skip counting, ask them to name something else related to the number four. Example questions might include:

  • What is the fourth day of the week?
  • Which shape(s) have four sides?
  • What coin do you need four of to make a dollar?

Even Eagles

Play this game using our Add/Subtract outdoor sticker, 1-100 Stencilsor a number grid drawn with chalk. 

We see a lot more birds in the springtime! Eaglets learn how to fly during spring. Have your students flap their arms and pretend to fly like an eagle. Challenge them to “land” on an even number!

Baseball Basics

Batter up! Baseball has nine innings. This baseball game can be played with our Skip Counting by 9s outdoor sticker or stencils. Have students pretend to swing a bat and hit a baseball whenever they count a multiple of nine.

Slow Snails

Snails become active again in the spring. Have your students clasp their hands together and pretend to slither like a snail while skip counting by any number. This outdoor game is great for learning new multiples or practicing challenging ones since students are encouraged to go slow.

Buzzing Bees

Honey bees come out during the springtime. Their wings can beat up to 200 times per second! Have your students flap their arms like wings and “buzz” like a bee while skip counting by any number.

Alternatively, play this game with our Add/Subtract outdoor sticker or 1-100 stencils! Challenge students to “fly” to a specific multiple. For example, “Fly to a multiple of 5!” If the student “lands” on a correct number, have them point to it and pretend to sting by poking the ground! For more activities with 5s, check out our Skip Counting by 5s Outdoor Sticker or our Skip Counting by 5s Stencil

More Outdoor Math Games

Finding spring activities for kids in your class is easy with Math & Movement! You can discover more active math movements like the ones mentioned here in our Math & Movement Training Manual. Many of the movements in this book require no materials at all! 

If you haven’t already, be sure to check out our outdoor stickers and stencils. They’re a great way to transform a playground or blacktop into an educational space. Plus, we have an entire database of math activities that are possible with our materials. Add Math & Movement to your outdoor learning curriculum today!

training manual cover

Add movement to math class and beyond!

You can find more active math movements similar to the ones we mentioned here! Additionally, the Math & Movement Training Manual is packed with engaging active math movements. We are providing the first chapter for free - click the button below!

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