January 2019 Teacher Spotlight – Fallon Walton

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January 2019 Teacher Spotlight


Fallon Walton

K-6 Math Specialist
Blue Creek & Loudonville
Elementary Schools
North Colonie CSD, New York

How long have you been a teacher?

I have been teaching for 12 years. I was a Special Ed teacher for 9 Years and the last 3 years I have been a Math Specialist.

How did you learn about Math & Movement?

I went to a free Math & Movement Workshop two years ago.

How long have you been using Math & Movement in your classroom?

I’ve been using Math & Movement for two years.

What changes have you seen in your students since using Math & Movement?

I have seen students use the skip counting clapping or tapping movements to help them with their multiplication facts when working on some problems or taking a test. I have also seen students more engaged and confident in math since using the Math & Movement mats. Students are enlightened and enthusiastic if they know we will be using the math mats during a math lesson or math centers. The movements have increased number identification for younger students and it has also helped older students become more fluent with their math facts.

What is your favorite floor mat and why?

My favorite floor math is the skip counting by 2’s mat. I can use it in a variety of ways. For my Kindergarten students, I use it for number identification for 0-20. I also use it for “making 10.” For example, if we start at 5, how many more jumps do we need to get to 10 (make 10)? I have also used it with my third and fourth graders who struggle with their multiplication facts – they skip count by 2’s to complete their multiplication facts.

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