Kinesthetic Opportunities for
Academic Achievement

The Multiplication Challenge

Join the Math & Movement Multiplication Challenge this year for grades 3-5. Participating students will have access to online guided lessons on multiplication, division, factoring, and other core math concepts. Students will have the opportunity to practice other important math facts like addition and subtraction. Students will also be able to complete scavenger hunts like Welcome to Ancient Egypt, math games, and more. The online component will help teachers gather data and track student progress. All course content for students is linked to Next Generation Learning Standards.

Project Impact:

Third grade is a critical year for many students, and it can set them on a path towards academic success. A child can master multiplication by practicing one hour a day for eight to ten weeks. This is much faster than learning how to read. If a child does not learn multiplication in third grade, then they flounder in fourth grade. The math content in fourth grade is much more challenging than third grade and requires multiplication mastery for the child to be successful. If the child leaves third grade with weak skills in multiplication, then it is very likely they will struggle in math in fourth grade and beyond. Not learning multiplication can result in the student deciding that they are “not a math person,” and thus closing the door to endless STEM possibilities. This multiplication challenge helps prepare third graders for success in math but can also be used for fourth and fifth graders who did not fully understand multiplication in third grade. This challenge is geared toward helping fourth and fifth graders catch up and stay on track for future math success.

Project Highlights:

  • Math intervention program for kinesthetic learners
  • Multi-grade level (third through fifth grade)
  • Math & Movement products are linked to NYS Next Generation Standards
  • Professional development opportunities for teachers
  • Sustainable and durable floor mat materials
  • Online component can be used every year for each school
    • This allows schools to run their own parental engagement and other school events. (ex. Ancient Egypt Day)
  • Measurable data
  • Donating organizations can build a partnership and increase presence within their communities with shared logos
  • In kind-contribution opportunities, dollar for dollar match

Movement Can Offer a Solution:

When students physically jump to learn their multiplication facts on the Math & Movement floor mats, students become energized and focused! The bright colors are visually stimulating to students. They get excited about learning. This jump and learn process works so efficiently because exercise pumps glucose and oxygen into the brain which the brain requires for fuel. Students‘ enthusiasm leads to increased practice time and cements the multiplication concepts into their memory.

Other Key Components:

This program will include a sustainable learning model. Teachers will receive professional development in best practices for teaching multiplication, division, factoring, and other core math concepts. They will also have access to a variety of other kinesthetic teaching resources. Weekly webinars and online trainings will be included for teachers so they can complete them at their own pace.

Program Cost: $995

6 Skip Counting Floor Mats – includes 3’s, 4’s, 6’s, 7’s, 8’s, and 9’s 

In-Kind Contribution

  • 6 Skip Counting Digital Banners – includes 3’s, 4’s, 6’s, 7’s, 8’s, and 9’s 
  • Oodles of Algebra ebook Set – includes 3 ebooks 
  • I Love to Cancel Workbook ebook 
  • Multiplication Mar-A-Thon Workbooks – includes 2 ebooks 
  • Multiply With Me, Instructor Guide and Workbook ebook Set
  • Math & Movement Training Manual ebook 
  • Digital Activity Guides & Lesson Plans
  • Weekly Professional Development Training
  • Online Courses for Teachers on Kinesthetic Teaching and Learning and Best Practices
  • Online Activities for Students, Linked to NYS Next Generation Learning Standards. 

Ongoing support for teachers and students for up to $1,000

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