Create a learning
hallway in your school!

Sensory Hallways Made Easy

Many schools are looking for ways to brighten up their hallways and add sensory hallways to increase student learning throughout the school day. 

We are in the process of creating a wide range of heavy-duty, janitor approved stickers that you can add to your school’s hallways. 

These stickers are ideal for elementary schools, covering concepts taught in Pre-K through fifth grade. Our hallway stickers, like our floor mats, help students learn multiplication, division, factoring, addition, subtraction, place value, rounding and so much more. These hallways can be customized for smaller spaced (single mats like the video) or can be turned into full movement hallways with many concept designs.

Benefits of Sensory Hallways

– Increase student engagement –
– Brighten up your school’s hallways –
– Create movement-based lesson plans that are aligned to state standards –

Interested in Creating a Learning
Hallway at Your School?

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