The purpose of the Add/Subtract Floor Mat and Sticker is to offer a kinesthetic opportunity for children to practice one-to-one correspondence (ability to link a number name with one and only one object), odd and even numbers, addition and subtraction, skip counting by any number, counting forward to 100 and backward from 100 and general number sense.

These activities can be used with the Add/Subtract Mat of any size (mini, regular, or large), the Add/Subtract Outdoor Sticker, the 100 Number Grid Classroom Rug, the Add/Subtract 1-120 Mat, and the 1-100 Stencils. Language, images, and videos will show the regular Add/Subtract mat. Adapt activities as needed for your material.

Grade Range: Kindergarten - Grade 7



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    1. Shopping

      Have your students toss a bean bag onto the mat. Pretend that is the price (in cents) of an item (of their choosing) that they want to buy. Then have...
      Grade 3, Grade 4
    2. Rounding

      Select a number and ask your students to round it to the nearest ten. Have them hop to the rounded number. You could also have a student roll a die...
      Grade 3
    3. Toss, Roll, and Add

      Have a student toss a bean bag onto the mat and read the number. Then, the student rolls a die and adds that amount to their number.
      Grade 1
    4. Freezing Tens

      Have a student skip count by 10s to 100. Have another student call out ‘freeze.’ The skip counting student must freeze on that number and says how many 10s the...
      Grade 1
    5. Toss and Count

      Have a student toss a bean bag onto the mat. Have the student start counting from that number to 100.
    6. Count to 100 by 1’s and 10’s

      Have your student start on one and walk each number as they say each number to 100. Clap when they reach a multiple of ten. Have the student go back...
      Kindergarten, Grade 1, Grade 2
    7. Five In a Row -Tic Tac Toe

      Each student receives nine items of the same color to mark spots on the Add/Subtract Mat). The winner is the first to get five of their items (markers) in a...
      Grade 2
    8. Crazy Countdown

      Students line up at 100. Each student marches on the mat counting down from 100 to one.
      Kindergarten, Grade 1
    9. Barney Bumps

      Have one student stand on one and another on 100. Have each student carefully step on each number (the first student going from one to 100 and the other student...
      Kindergarten, Grade 1
    10. Make Tens

      Have students choose a number to stand on. Ask each child how many steps it takes to make a number with 0 in the one’s place. For example, if the...
      Grade 1