Cartesian Coordinate

The Cartesian Coordinate Hop Floor Mat offers a kinesthetic opportunity for children to practice
locating points on the Cartesian coordinate grid, one-to-one correspondence, slope, shapes,
transformations, equations of lines, and addition and subtraction.

Please note that the left-right horizontal line that goes through zero is generally called X, and the
the up-down vertical line that goes through zero is generally called Y.

Grade 5 - Grade 8


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    1. The Number Walk – Horizontal

      Have your students take the number walk from negative ten to positive ten along the horizontal axis. As your student steps on each number, encourage them to simultaneously say the...READ MORE

      Grade 6

    2. The Number Walk – Vertical

      Have your student take the number walk from negative ten to positive ten along the vertical axis, following the same guidelines as in The Number Walk - Horizontal.

      Grade 6

    3. The Number Walk – Backwards

      Counting backward is a prerequisite for subtraction. Encourage your student to start on positive ten and take steps to negative ten while saying the numbers!

      Grade 6

    4. Find the Location

      Write Cartesian coordinates on notecards. Examples are (2, 4), (5, 8), (-6,-6) or (-3, 6). Put the cards in a large hat or box and have students choose one card....READ MORE

      Grade 5, Grade 6

    5. Make a Shape

      Write Cartesian coordinates that create a shape such as a rectangle, square, or circle on notecards. Have a student select one card and place an object on the mat according...READ MORE

      Grade 6

    6. Adding and Subtracting Positive and Negative Numbers

      Write addition and subtraction problems with positive and negative numbers on cards and use the Cartesian Coordinate Hop as a number line. If the math problem says 6 + -3,...READ MORE

      Grade 6

    7. Clipboard Math

      Clip a math worksheet with coordinates on a clipboard. Have students plot the points on the mat.

      Grade 5, Grade 6

    8. Teamwork Coordinate Hop

      Have one student stand on the mat and another spectating off the mat. The spectator will call out a coordinate, and the other student should then hop to that coordinate....READ MORE

      Grade 5, Grade 6

    9. Partner Battleship

      Have students find a partner and pick a quadrant and on the mat. Have students secretly write down four coordinates from that quadrant. Have their partners say a coordinate and...READ MORE

      Grade 5, Grade 6

    10. Card Battleship

      Put objects at several points all around the mat (small cubes or even animal figurines work well). Set two decks of cards next to the mat (minus the face cards,...READ MORE

      Grade 5, Grade 6

    11. Equations of Lines

      Use the equation, y = mx +b to find points for the line. Have your students use objects to mark the points on the line. Use the line to discuss...READ MORE

      Grade 8