Color Hop

A great way for early readers to drill color and word recognition while moving their bodies! Includes the colors red, yellow, blue, green, purple, white, pink, brown, black, silver, gray, orange

PreK- Kindergarten


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    1. The Color Word Hop

      Have the student begin on START HERE. Have the student read the first word. Have them hop on the word while simultaneously saying the word. Be sure that your student...READ MORE

      PreK, Kindergarten

    2. Word Match

      Create word cards that match the color words on the Color Word Hop Floor Mat. Put words in a pile and mix up the pile. Have students match the word...READ MORE

      PreK, Kindergarten

    3. Bean Bag Decides

      Have a student toss a bean bag onto the mat. Be sure the bean bag lands on one word. Hop to the bean bag alternating between one-footed and two-footed hops....READ MORE

      PreK, Kindergarten

    4. I Spy

      Have a student toss a bean bag onto the mat. The student will jump to the space on the mat with the beanbag. Then, the student will ‘spy’ something in...READ MORE

      PreK, Kindergarten

    5. Clipboard Word Fun

      Clip a worksheet that helps students learn the color words. Have the student hop on the mat to solve the worksheet.

      PreK, Kindergarten

    6. Mad Word Hatter

      Create word cards that match color words on the mat. Place cards in a large hat or a box. The student draws a word and then hops on the mat...READ MORE

      PreK, Kindergarten

    7. Word Clapper

      Follow instructions for the Mad Word Hatter activity. Instead of shouting the word, the student hops on the word three times, saying the word and clapping simultaneously.

      PreK, Kindergarten