Cubed Number

This floor mat is designed to help students learn cubed numbers using multiplication. The numbers include 1 x 1 x 1 = 1³ all the way through 10 x 10 x 10 = 10³.

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    1. Cubed Tic-Tac-Toe

      Students make a sheet with nine different cubed numbers and roots on a card (3x3). Then, students take turns tossing a bean bag onto the mat. If it lands on...
      Grade 8
    2. Find the Volume of a Cube

      Have students find the volume of a cube with sides 3x3x3, etc. Students will jump on the mat to find and say the answer.
      Grade 8
    3. Root Jump

      Have students hop through the mat and do jumping jacks for the number of the root.
      Grade 8
    4. Match the Root

      Create cards with the cube root on them (or use the ones on the following pages) and have students match them with the total number.
      Grade 8
    5. Hop on the Cubed Number

      Ask students to jump on the number that is already cubed and say its root. For example, the student will jump on 216 and say, “The cubed root of 216...
      Grade 8
    6. Hop on the Root

      Ask students to jump on the root number and say what that number is cubed. For example, the student will jump on 6 and say, “6 cubed is 216.”
      Grade 8
    7. Wild Worksheet

      Have students complete the worksheet on the following pages using the mat.
      Grade 8
    8. Complete the Table

      Use the table on the following pages. Have students hop through the mat as they complete the table.
      Grade 8
    9. Cover Up

      Cover up either the cube or the root on each block. Have students hop the mat and say the covered up number.
      Grade 8
    10. Bean Bag Toss

      A student will toss a bean bag onto the mat. They will hop down the mat to pick up their bean bag and read the block their bean bag landed...
      Grade 8

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