Dollar Hop

The purpose of the Dollar Hop Floor Mat is to offer a kinesthetic opportunity for children to practice learning the combinations of coins that make one dollar.

Kindergarten - Grade 3



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    1. Match the Coins

      Put one dollar, two half-dollars, four quarters, ten dimes, twenty nickels, and one hundred pennies in a box. Have students match the coins on the mat with actual coins by...READ MORE


    2. Count the Coins

      Have your student begin on START HERE. Have them count the pennies on the mat. They will jump on the pennies while saying, “100 pennies is the same as one...READ MORE

      Kindergarten, Grade 1

    3. Multiplication Matters

      Have students begin on START HERE and follow this pattern: Hop on the word penny while saying, “A penny is one cent. 1 x 100 = 100.” Hop on the...READ MORE

      Grade 3

    4. Bean Bag Toss

      Have one student throw a bean bag on one of the words or pictures, penny, nickel, etc. For example, if the bean bag lands on the dime, the whole class...READ MORE

      Grade 1, Grade 2

    5. The Mad Hatter

      Glue pictures of coins and bills on 3 x 5 (or smaller) cards.* Place the cards into a large hat or box. Have students choose a card from the hat....READ MORE

      Grade 1, Grade 2

    6. Wall Banner

      Hang the Dollar Hop Floor Mat on the wall as a constant visual reminder of what makes a dollar.

      Kindergarten, Grade 1, Grade 2

    7. Clipboard Math

      For enjoyable math practice, clip a math worksheet with questions about money on a clipboard. Have your student figure out the answers by stepping or jumping on the mat.

      Grade 1, Grade 2, Grade 3

    8. Make the Amount

      Give a student an amount, such as 23 cents. Have them jump on the coins on the mat that they would use to make 23 cents. For example, the student...READ MORE

      Grade 2, Grade 3