Exponent Hop

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    1. Jump on the Exponent

      Have the student start on START HERE. The student will first jump on the block x^0 and say, “x to the zero power.” Then, hop to the right and say,...READ MORE

      Grade 5, Grade 6

    2. Clap the Exponent

      Have students clap the exponent. For example, as they hop on the x^5 block, they will clap five times as they say, “x times x times x times x times...READ MORE

      Grade 6

    3. Bean Bag Toss

      Write numbers 0-9 on flashcards (or whatever numbers you are working up to). Hand the first student a card. They will toss the bean bag on the mat and jump...READ MORE

      Grade 6

    4. Highest Number Wins

      The student will roll a die to determine their base number. Then, they will throw a bean bag on a space on the mat blindfolded (or eyes covered) and solve...READ MORE

      Grade 6

    5. Lowest Number Wins

      The same rules as “Highest Number Wins,” except the lowest total at the end wins.

      Grade 6

    6. What’s Missing?

      Place sheets of paper over blocks on the mat, for example, all left columns, all right columns, or mismatched. Have students use the exponent cards found in the following pages...READ MORE

      Grade 6

    7. Race to the Exponent

      Cover up the right side of the mat. Call out an equation such as x times x times x. Have two students race to the matching exponent on the mat....READ MORE

      Grade 6

    8. Break it Down

      Cover up the left side of the mat. Call out an exponent such as x to the 5th. Have two students race to the matching exponent on the mat. Repeat...READ MORE

      Grade 6

    9. Write an Equation

      Have the student throw a bean bag onto a square and then roll a dice to decide the base number and make a story problem using the equation the bean...READ MORE

      Grade 6