Homophone Hops

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    1. Homophone Hop

      Have students take turns jumping down the mat and calling out the words as they land on each.

      Grade 2, Grade 3

    2. Crawl and Trace

      Have students crouch down on their knees on the floor mat. Starting with the first word on the mat, have a student trace each letter of the word with two...READ MORE

      Grade 2, Grade 3

    3. Explanation Hop

      Have one student begin jumping on words randomly on the mat. Call out “stop” (or have another student be the caller) and have the jumping student stop on one box....READ MORE

      Grade 2, Grade 3

    4. Sentence Hop

      Have students toss a bean bag onto the mat then hop down to where it landed. Have them spell the selected homophone and use it in a sentence.

      Grade 2, Grade 3

    5. Which Word?

      Give your student a sentence using one of the homophones on the mat. Have a student jump to the correct word used. For example, give this sentence: “I buy bread...READ MORE

      Grade 2, Grade 3

    6. Match the Description

      Explain (or have another student explain) the meaning of a word. Then, have the student hopscotch to the word that is being described.

      Grade 2, Grade 3

    7. Match the Picture

      Print out the graphics on the following pages and have students match each with its word on the mat.

      Grade 2, Grade 3