Hopscotch for Threes

These colorful hopscotch grids help students skip count by threes to thirty. Use them for a variety of adding and multiplying activities.

Activities can be used with the floor mat, floor sticker, or outdoor sticker.

Grade 3 - Grade 5


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    1. Hopscotch for Threes

      Have your students begin on START HERE. Have a student whisper “one, two” while jumping with two feet on the numerals one and two. (One foot on each numeral.) Then,...READ MORE

      Grade 3

    2. Skip Count by Threes

      Have your student start on the 3, clap, and shout, “THREE!” Then, jump on the 6, clap, and shout, “SIX!” Have them continue down the mat only jumping on the...READ MORE

      Grade 3

    3. Bean Bag Decides

      Have a student toss a bean bag on the mat. Then hop to the bean bag, alternating between one and two-footed movements, saying the numbers as they go down the...READ MORE

      Grade 3

    4. Multiplication

      Give a student a multiplication problem by three (verbally or from a flashcard). Example: 3 x 3 The student will begin on START HERE. They will jump forward on the...READ MORE

      Grade 3, Grade 4, Grade 5

    5. Division

      To divide, have the student stand on any multiple of three then jump on the multiples back to 0. How many jumps it takes is the answer. For example, if...READ MORE

      Grade 3, Grade 4, Grade 5

    6. Clipboard Math

      Clip a worksheet that involves multiplication or division by threes to a clipboard. Have the student solve the problems using the mat.

      Grade 3, Grade 4, Grade 5