Number Line to 10

The Number Line to 10 Mat offers a kinesthetic opportunity for children to practice one-to-one correspondence, odd and even numbers, addition and subtraction, skip counting by twos, and counting forward and backward to and from ten. This colorful vinyl mat includes the numbers zero through ten in numerals, letters, and grouped symbols for building fundamental number literacy skills.

PreK - Grade 2



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    1. The Number Walk

      Have your student take the number walk from zero to ten. As the student steps on each number, encourage them to simultaneously say the number name. If the counting gets...READ MORE

      PreK, Kindergarten

    2. The Number Walk-Backwards

      Counting backward is a prerequisite for subtraction. Encourage your student to start on ten and take steps to zero while saying the numbers!

      PreK, Kindergarten

    3. Blast-Off!

      Have your students pretend you are on a rocket ready for blast-off. Have one student start on the 10 and hop down the mat as the whole class counts down...READ MORE

      PreK, Kindergarten

    4. One to One

      Have students count the dots on each square aloud, making sure they are counting one dot for each number they say. When they have counted every dot on a square...READ MORE

      PreK, Kindergarten

    5. Adding and Subtracting Numbers

      Write addition and subtraction problems on index cards and have your students use the number line to help them solve the problems. If the math problem says 6+3, then they...READ MORE


    6. Race-to-Ten

      Have a student start at zero and roll one die. They will take the number of steps on the die. The next student will start at zero and do the...READ MORE


    7. Race-to-One

      Have a student start at ten and roll one die. They will take the number of steps on the die. The next student will start at ten and do the...READ MORE


    8. Clipboard Math

      Clip a math worksheet on a clipboard. Have your students figure out the answers to the math problems by walking or jumping on the mat.

      Kindergarten, Grade 1

    9. Make Ten

      Say to your student, “Choose a number and walk to it.” Ask the student, “How many steps would you have to take to reach ten?” Have the student jump the...READ MORE

      Kindergarten, Grade 1

    10. Bean Bag Decides

      Have a student throw a bean bag on the floor mat. They will then hop to the bean bag alternating between one and two-footed movements. Have them pick up the...READ MORE

      Grade 1

    11. Buddies

      Have your students notice that all the numbers have corresponding dots. This is intended for students to learn the value of the numbers. Notice that the number two has two...READ MORE

      Grade 1, Grade 2

    12. Matching Numbers

      Have your students match up the numerals with the same number of objects. Place one object on number one. Place two objects on number two. Choose two of the same...READ MORE

      Grade 1, Grade 2

    13. Hopscotch While Skip Counting by Twos

      Have the student begin on START HERE. Have the student whisper “one” while hopping with one foot on the numeral one. Then have the student jump with two feet on...READ MORE

      Grade 1, Grade 2