Positive & Negative Number

The Positive & Negative Number mat offers a kinesthetic opportunity for students to understand the transition between negative and positive numbers and how they can add and subtract these numbers.

This colorful vinyl mat includes the numbers negative ten through positive ten in numerals, letters, and grouped symbols for building fundamental number literacy skills.

Grade 6


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    1. Walk the Number Line

      Have students begin on -10. Have them hop up the mat as they say each number out loud. When they get to 10, have them turn around and jump back...READ MORE

      Grade 6

    2. Addition and Subtraction of Positive and Negative Numbers

      Have students make one turn for each negative sign—NOT including the first number in the equation! Two negatives require a 360-degree turn, canceling the change in direction. Step 1: Have...READ MORE

      Grade 6

    3. The Mad Hatter

      Write addition and subtraction problems for positive and negative numbers on notecards. Mix up the cards and place them into a large hat or box (or in a pile on...READ MORE

      Grade 6

    4. Clipboard Math

      Clip a positive and negative addition and subtraction worksheet to a clipboard. Have students complete the worksheet by hopping on the mat.

      Grade 6

    5. Race-to-Ten

      Have a student start on negative ten. A student rolls one dice. Have them take that number of steps forward. Repeat with the second student. The first student rolls again...READ MORE

      Grade 6

    6. Hop as I Say

      Have one student stand on the mat on any number they choose. Another student will instruct them what action to take. For example, add negative five or subtract seven. If...READ MORE

      Grade 6