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    1. Jump the Words

      Have students begin on START HERE. Students will jump on the first box and say the word “the.” Students continue through each block, saying each of the words as they...
      Grade 1, Grade 2
    2. Say, Spell, Write

      Have students begin on START HERE. Students will jump on the first box and spell and say the word, “the.” (Option to have them crouch down to trace each letter...
      Grade 1, Grade 2
    3. Toss and Jump

      Have students take turns tossing a bean bag onto the mat. The student will identify the word it lands on and can 1) identify the word 2) spell the word...
      Grade 1, Grade 2, Grade 3
    4. Word Match

      Create word cards that match the words on the floor mat. Put words in a pile and mix up the pile. Have students select a card and match it with...
      Grade 1, Grade 2
    5. What Do I Mean?

      Have students jump on each word and explain its meaning. For example, ‘this’ is a way we can refer to a specific thing or situation just mentioned. This activity will...
      Grade 3, Grade 4
    6. Creating Sentences

      Have students create a sentence using a word on the mat. Students will jump on the word as they use it in the sentence. For example, “THEY (jumps on the...
      Grade 2, Grade 3
    7. The “Their” and “There” Game

      ‘Their’ and ‘there’ are homophones. Homophones are words that sound the same but are spelled differently and have different meanings. Option 1: Have students jump between these two words. Have...
      Grade 3, Grade 4

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