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Boost Student Achievement with Math and Literacy Kits

Our K-5 Math kits, Literacy kits, and P.E. kits are great for everyday classroom education, intervention, summer learning, and after school programs.

A Whole-Body Approach to Learning

Our mission is simple: Get students active and confident in math. By combining data, research, and decades of collective teaching experience, we have created a series of kinesthetic, state standard-aligned teaching materials and resources.

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Why Math & Movement Works

Backed by Science

Our program is supported by extensive brain science research. We use the positive link between movement and learning to increase learning and improve concept retention.

Easy To Implement

Our materials are thoughtfully crafted to cater to the needs of both educators and students, providing an engaging experience for students while still being easily implemented into daily lessons.

Versatile for Every Setting

Our activities seamlessly adapt to individual students, small groups, large classrooms, and various learning times, including after/before school and physical education, ensuring flexibility for all environments.

“It’s an amazing program. I love that it’s supplemental to our core curriculum. It’s a really nice springboard and seems to support our math in focus series in a way that gets kids tired out at the same time!”


Principal, Woodlawn Elementary School

Our Top Kits and Materials

We know your time is precious! That’s why we hand-selected these groups of products based on grade levels and content areas. 


Get a FREE Clock Hop Mat with your purchase of a K-2 Math Kit, a 3-5 Math Kit, or a P.E Kit! 

School Districts We Have Worked With

Our program is trusted and loved by a network of over 15,000 educators. We are active in 46 different states across the country. Is your school next? 

Math & Movement Order Steps

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Easily request a quote using our website's 'Request a Quote' button. After submitting your quote request, you will receive a downloadable quote to share with your purchasing team. The quote will include shipping details and reflect many schools' tax-exempt status.

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Step 4: Get Ready to Move and Learn

After placing your order, you will receive an automatic email with details on activities for our materials and gain access to our live support, webinars, and more! Get ready to take your lessons to the next level—add movement, spark creativity, and enhance your students' math mindset.


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All Math & Movement materials come with detailed activity ideas that can easily integrate into your daily lessons. Receive unlimited access to our online activity database with your purchase. The database also has videos and worksheets for many of our materials for teachers to use in lessons.

Yes. Visit our State Standards page to view the alignment with several state standards

We know every penny counts in education, which is why our materials are made to last. Our materials have been found to last up to 10 years with proper care. The durable materials allow students across multiple grade levels and academic years to benefit from movement-based learning. 

Staff development workshops in Math & Movement are available. Virtual trainings are also available. For more information visit our workshop page or email:

Math & Movement is mainly targeted towards PreK through fifth grade. Although, we do have several materials for higher grade levels, too. Students of all ages benefit from movement! 

Children love to move—and they need to move. Too much sitting results in decreased circulation and a subsequent decrease in concentration, while certain kinds of movement stimulate the release of dopamine and noradrenaline in the brain, which are important in learning. Movement is like “Miracle Grow’ for the Brain!

Movement increases growth factors and connections between neurons in the prefrontal cortex of the brain. The prefrontal cortex is responsible for developing complex cognitive abilities like:
  • planning
  • thought analysis
  • creativity
  • abstract thinking
  • social behavior

Math & Movement harnesses a child’s natural inclination for activity and turns it into enthusiasm for acquiring number concept skills. Thus, Math & Movement motivates students while simultaneously strengthening their math skills.

Educator Testimonials

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"I love the 9s twist and whisper elephant. I love the place value mat. My lower students really struggle on this topic."
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"This program allows students who are uncomfortable with math, or who have not typically been successful through traditional teaching methods, feel more confident and less stressed as they move and enjoy the visual and kinesthetic materials."
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"I have seen students use skip counting clapping or tapping movements to help them with their multiplication facts when working on some problems or taking a test. The movements increased number identification for younger students and helped older students become more fluent with their math facts."
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"I have seen a lot of growth in the children’s fact recall. The kids love to get up and move around and it gives them a meaningful movement break throughout their day."

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