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Add Math to Physical Education

With the Math & Movement program, you can easily teach math in Physical Education class! Check out our complete set of Math & Movement materials for any PE teacher, afterschool, or organization looking to include more movement-based learning for their students. 

Floor mats are linked to the activities in the Math & Movement Training Manual for K-5 Physical Education. The activities are based on SHAPE Standards, a national standard for physical education. We also have a version for Georgia State Standards. 


Math & Movement Training Manual for K-5 Physical Education


Get a FREE Clock Hop Mat with your purchase of a K-2 Math Kit, a 3-5 Math Kit, or a P.E Kit! 


Using the Materials During Physical Education Class

The Math & Movement Training Manual for K-5 Physical Education (included in the kit) provides lessons by grade level on ways to use the materials during Physical Education class. The activity guides in the training manual are designed for teachers to use as actual lesson plans. Since P.E. classes vary from school to school, including the amount of time per class, and the number of classes per week, the activity guides can be adapted to fit your individual class and school needs. Each lesson plan includes: Standards and Objectives,  Background Information/Prior Knowledge, Warm-up/Introduction, Activity, and Closure.

You will also find a list of all needed materials, along with teacher tips, adaptation ideas, and a section of assessments that can be used alone or with the lessons.

Try PE Movement Stickers in your School Hallways

Are you looking for fun ways to teach PE movements that boost students locomotor and non-locomotor movement skills? Try Math & Movement’s PE Movement Stickers. Stickers can be placed in school hallways, gyms or multi-purpose rooms. 

In this activity, the PE stickers were paired with word hops, to build students literacy skills while practicing non-locomotor/locomotor movements.

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