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After School Program at GIAC

On October 22, 2019, Math & Movement hosted an after school program for 11 students at the Greater Ithaca Activities Center (GIAC). The goal was to increase student performance and understanding of skip counting and multiplication. As a bonus, students gained extra physical activity throughout the day.

Hop To Multiplication!

The program started with a pre-test to measure students’ math skills. They then learned two active math movements – basketball and soccer – as a warm-up to learn one-to-one correspondence and skip counting.

Students then practiced skip counting by 3’s on our floor mats to solve multiplication problems. They jumped, hopped, and skipped to fill out a practice worksheet. They worked in pairs as part of a flexible grouping strategy, which improves social communication and improves student confidence.

After having fun learning threes times table, the students then took a follow-up test. Check out how much they improved!


Add Math & Movement to Your After School Program 

If you’re interested in hosting a Math & Movement after school program, please contact us. Looking to run a program for your whole school? Learn more about our Family Fun Nights and how to fund them

Math & Movement would like to thank GIAC for partnering with us. We hope your students will continue to love learning math!

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