National Youth Confidence Day with Math & Movement

National Youth Confidence Day is on October 20th. Here's how we're building confidence in kids!

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national youth confidence day building in kids activities for

What is National Youth Confidence Day?

National Youth Confidence Day was first started in 2018 by Tiffany R. Lewis, the Founder and CEO of Confident Girl Mentoring Program – a nonprofit organization that empowers and builds confidence in young girls. Every October 20th, National Youth Confidence Day celebrates “the potential of young people, their accomplishments, energy, and spirit.” It’s all about embracing your strengths and feeling proud of who you are

Building Confidence in Kids

Teachers, parents, and mentors know that confident kids believe in themselves and are willing to take on new challenges. This ability can be especially valuable in the classroom, where new and potentially difficult lessons are constantly presented to students.

One of Math & Movement’s goals is building kids’ confidence in their own learning. Our program incorporates social-emotional learning to do so. The Collaborative for Academic, Social, and Emotional Learning (CASEL) defines social-emotional learning as the process in which young people acquire the skills and attitudes to develop healthy identities, manage emotions, achieve goals, feel empathy, establish supportive relationships, and make considerate decisions.

Physical activity is an excellent vehicle for students to learn social-emotional skills. Math & Movement’s mission is to make lessons fun and engaging so that students are excited to learn rather than anxious or apprehensive. Kinesthetic teaching strategies help present new concepts in a way that students can understand and, therefore, feel confident practicing.

How Movement-Based Learning Helps

We know that exercise helps reduce stress in adults. The concept also applies to kids in school – movement-based learning can help with self-management of emotions and stress levels. Physical activity helps everyone feel good!

Kinesthetic learning allows students to see lesson material in a new way. They can easily view (and feel) what their strengths are. Furthermore, they can see their challenge areas as more attainable. Kids can develop self-awareness, set goals as they learn new material, and develop a growth mindset.

Movement-based learning improves the development of complex cognitive abilities like planning, thought analysis, creativity, and abstract thinking. These skills are beneficial in all areas of life!

Additionally, the nature of Math & Movement’s program promotes a collaborative learning environment. Multiple students can interact with our floor mats and stickers at one time. Students can work together to solve problems while developing positive relationships and social awareness.

Since National Youth Confidence Day is about boosting self-esteem, Math & Movement wants to encourage schools and families to celebrate! Below, we’re sharing some confidence-building activities for youth that incorporate Math & Movement!

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Confidence-Building Activities for Youth

Our favorite confidence-building activities involve positive affirmations. Math & Movement’s positive affirmation stickers are a favorite among teachers, administrators, and students!

With over a hundred different affirmations available, you can choose an affirmation that describes you now or pick a quality you strive to be. Celebrate National Youth Confidence Day by giving your friends or students a positive affirmation sticker that empowers them.

Our positive affirmation stickers come in multiple shapes and sizes, so that you can place them on your notebooks, water bottle, laptop, phone case, mirror, classroom walls, hallway floors, or anywhere you can think of!

Positive affirmations can be a powerful tool in building self-esteem and keeping negative thoughts at bay. By placing these stickers in a spot where you and your students see them often, boosting confidence can become a part of your daily routine! Plus, everybody loves colorful stickers.

Check out our positive affirmation designs as stair riser stickers too!

Did you know that Math & Movement also includes positive affirmations in their workbooks? Positive affirmations on each page help encourage students and build their confidence as they complete the workbook!

national youth confidence day building in kids activities for
national youth confidence day building in kids activities for

What confidence-building activities for youth do you find most effective? Let us know how you’re celebrating National Youth Confidence Day in your home or classroom!

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