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100 Number Grid Classroom Rug

Our popular 100 number grid as a large, high-quality rug! This rug is ideal for use in an elementary classroom. Make math lessons more interactive while sitting and playing on the rug.

Handmade in the USA. Minimum purchase quantity: 4


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Use this classroom rug for elementary math lessons!

Are you looking for an elementary classroom rug to brighten up your teaching space? Our 100 Number Grid Rug is perfect for elementary students! This large rug will bring color to your classroom while also being a versatile teaching tool for math!

This math rug lays out numbers 1 to 100 in a colorful grid. At 124 inches by 128 inches, there is plenty of space for multiple students to be on the rug at the same time, which promotes a collaborative learning environment. Additionally, the fun design and kid-friendly numerals will keep any visual learner engaged.

Students can use this number rug to practice various elementary math concepts, including counting from 1 to 100, skip counting, addition, subtraction, rounding, sequencing, odd and even numbers, square numbers, factoring, money math, and more!

Young students learn best while they are moving. With the 100 Number Grid Classroom Rug, teachers can easily incorporate movement and physical activity into their lesson plans. Students’ learning comprehension and memory retention will be improved as a result of moving while practicing math skills!

A wide variety of kinesthetic activities are possible with this classroom rug. Practice addition and subtraction by hopping from one number to the next. Identify quantities and numbers on the rug while reading a story. All of the activities for our Add/Subtract Mat are possible on this math rug too!

Elementary school students struggle to sit still. So why not encourage movement with this large-scale 100 Number Grid Classroom Rug? Its vibrant colors, durable materials, and versatile features make it an excellent addition to any elementary classroom.


Product Details

Materials: High quality, durable, low-pile carpet

Dimensions: 124 by 128 inches

Includes: Numbers 1 – 100


Shipping in the US only.

This product is not eligible for returns.


Sample Activity: Tally Treats

  • Have students count items with tallies. (Use any item you have on hand, such as paper clips, erasers, or pennies.)
  • Each student will add up the tallies and stand on the rug on that number.
  • The student jumps on that number and says the number.

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