Hundred Number Grid 0-99

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The numbers 0-99 are laid out in a colorful grid. This mat is a great tool for counting drills and practicing adding and subtracting. Available in two sizes. 10×10 ft mats come in two parts and are held together by heavy-duty Velcro.


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Guess what!? We also make this mat 8ft by 8ft. If you would prefer that size, please let us know. We are happy to provide pricing details.


Materials: Heavy-duty vinyl

Includes: numbers 0-99


Sample Activity:

Stand on the number 1.

Have someone call out a number to add (“Seven!”)

Jump to the sum of 1 plus 7.

Continue jumping from number to number as you add.

Variation: The person calling numbers can say “add” or “subtract” first.


Click below to download free images of large-size coins to print, cut out and laminate for use with this mat!






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3 reviews for Hundred Number Grid 0-99

  1. Marcia

    I teach P.E. in grades K-5 and this mat is adaptable to any grade level. With my lower grades, I work on number recognition, skip counting, addition and subtraction. With Grades 2-5, I work on two digit addition/subtraction, recognizing number patterns, learning prime numbers, skip counting and the list goes on and on! I love this floor mat! If you want a mat that is going to meet all grade levels, then this is it!

  2. Maggie Hershey-Mason

    I teach first grade and used this mat almost daily. Students learn how to move and apply addition and subtraction strategies such as “counting on and counting back”, “one-to-one correspondence”, “oral counting”, “counting by tens”, and understanding the Base 10 Number System. My students would “light up” when I would bring this mat out. It is also a great tool for students who are less confident in math because they are enjoying the activity and keeping their mind working as they move – they forget that they are actually “doing math”!

  3. Terri Kerley

    Kids love the big size of this and mat and the many different activities they can do. From K students who are learning there numbers to 6th graders who learn shortcuts to adding and subtracting, this mat works for everyone. I teach P.E. K-6 and students love the games that can be done with this large mat!

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