K-6 “Welcome to Ancient Egypt” Scavenger Hunt and Student Activities

Includes access to virtual and in-person event styles. The scavenger hunt includes a digital format that students can access at home for virtual events or on a smart phone / tablet for in-person events.

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If you would like to have an in-person event, we recommend the following products to go along with the scavenger hunt. All of these products are included in the Jumper Kit.


K-2 Scavenger Hunt

  • Money Hop Mat
  • Measurement Hop A Mat
  • Skip Counting By 2’s Mat
  • Add/Subtract Mat
  • Clock Hop Mat
  • Days of the Week Mat
  • My First Shapes Mat
  • Hop by Hundreds Mat


3-6 Scavenger Hunt

  • Add/Subtract Mat
  • Fraction Walk – thirds & sixths
  • My First Shapes Mat
  • Skip Counting By 7’s Mat
  • Skip Counting By 6’s Mat
  • Hop by Hundreds
  • Skip Counting by 3’s Mat or Hopscotch by 3s Mat


Note: The above materials are not included in this product. These are the products we recommend purchasing for an in-person event along with the scavenger hunt. The scavenger hunt refers to these materials in the in-person selection.

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