Blank Word Hop Laminated Floor Mat

Write words on this floor mat in dry-erase marker for your students to practice reading! Introduce multisensory activities to your class and make phonics lessons fun. Students will master vocabulary, spelling, and sight words by moving, playing, and writing on this mat.


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Add Multi-sensory Activities to your Phonics Lesson

Are you looking for a versatile and engaging way to teach phonics and word recognition? Try our Blank Word Hop Mat! This tool allows teachers to incorporate multi-sensory activities into their phonics lessons. Phonics for preschoolers, kindergartners, 1st graders, 2nd graders, and 3rd graders can involve hopping, stepping, skipping, writing, and more!

The Blank Word Hop Floor Mat follows the same concept as our original Word Hop Mats, but now you and your students can write in your own words! This floor mat is laminated with dry-erase material, meaning that it can be written on over and over again! Customize the words on the mat according to your phonics lesson of the day. Change words by simply erasing them with a paper towel.

Learning how to read can be challenging, especially considering how complex the English language is. Our Blank Word Hop is perfect for practicing letter sounds, encountering new letter combinations, building word recognition, and drilling sight words.

Multi-sensory phonics activities will keep young, energetic students engaged in the lesson. The mat’s bright colors and large layout will grab the attention of visual learners.

Challenge students to write in words themselves on the mat to add a tactile element. Furthermore, speaking exercises can easily be incorporated into phonics activities on this mat to engage auditory learners. Read words and sentences aloud!

Math & Movement is all about kinesthetic learning. Physical activity boosts learning comprehension and improves memory retention while allowing kids to build their gross motor skills. Watch your students’ phonemic awareness improve as a result of moving and playing on this mat!


Fun Phonics Lessons for All Elementary Students

Phonics for preschoolers and kindergartners can be particularly challenging since young students do not like to sit still. Encourage movement with the Blank Word Hop! No more sitting at a desk struggling to form and decode words.

In fact, students in 1st grade, 2nd grade, and 3rd grade will also benefit from the opportunity to move! No matter the grade level, multi-sensory phonics activities could be the breakthrough your students need in reading and writing.

Make learning phonics fun! We have various phonics games on our activity database that educators can incorporate into lesson plans for multiple grade levels.


Also available: Blank Word Hop Laminated Sticker


Product Details

Materials: Laminated floor mats combine the power of our heavy-duty vinyl material with dry-erase laminate. The laminate works well with a dry-erase marker and can be cleaned easily.

Dimensions: 75 x 21 inches

Includes:  7 blank spaces to write your own words 


*Note: Dry-erase mats are not slip-resistant. Place the mats in safe, non-high-traffic areas.


Sample Activity: The Word Hop

  • Write words from your vocabulary list, spelling word list, or choice of children’s book on the mat. Have a student begin on START HERE.
  • Have them read the first word.
  • Have them jump on a word while simultaneously saying the word.
  • Be sure that your student says the words correctly. Tell your student a word if your student doesn’t know the word.
  • Continue hopping and reading words until the end of the mat.
  • Repeat the activity until the student is comfortable with reading words.


Phonics Activity Video

Below is a video of our Blank Word Hop Floor Sticker. The laminated mat can be used the same way but does not stick to the floor.

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Dimensions 75 × 21 in
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