Frequently Asked Questions

Whether you recently purchased a product, or are just trying to learn more about movement-based learning, you might have a few more questions. Check out our FAQs below. Not seeing your question? Contact our team and we’ll get back to you soon!

When mats are not in use, we recommend rolling them up. For the larger square mats, folding may be necessary. If you have access to a storage closet or space in your classroom for extra materials, that may be a good place to store the mats. We also have created instructions for building your own storage unit.

Download Storage Unit Instructions

Yes—always use tape to secure the floor mats. Tape the top of the floor mat on the left and right corners. Tape the bottom of the floor mat on the left and right corners. Tape the middle of the mat on both sides of the floor mat. We recommend Scotch 3M packaging tape.

All of our Math & Movement and Movement Literacy floor mats will work great with carpeted classrooms and hallways. We recommend either taping the mats with Scotch 3m packing tape or creating velcro stations. However, many schools that have carpets in their buildings do not tape or velcro the floor mats.

All of our mats and stickers are printed on latex-free materials. Our mats are extremely durable, lasting years with proper care. Our stickers are ‘janitor approved’ and can be waxed over to improve durability in high traffic areas.

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Although the materials are very durable, you might notice some dirt or scuff marks if students are using them with their shoes on. To clean the mats and stickers, mix a solution of soap and water in a spray bottle. Spray down the materials and wipe with a cloth.

Clean floor prior to installation. Sweep area, and then mop with water and dawn dish soap. Let dry for 30-60 minutes. Then, apply denatured alcohol with a clean mop. Only install vinyl stickers on clean, dry surfaces.

Step 1: Unroll your vinyl stickers and allow them to lay flat for 24-48 hours prior to installing

Step 2: Align the sticker in desired location and position

Step 3: Peel the backing of the sticker 3″ to 6″ and firmly press the exposed sticker to the floor (Note: Make sure the sticker does not shift during this process)

Step 4: Pull the sticker over top of itself leaving the first 3″ to 6″ adhered to the floor

Step 5: Peel the backing completely off

Step 6: Using a squeegee, hold the sticker vertically from the ground and push the squeegee along the sticker while keeping tension on the sticker


Any small bubbles can easily be worked out or pricked with a pin to release the air underneath. Mats are intended to be permanent and not re-positional. 


Check out our full Sticker Install Page for More details 

Please note that there are a lot of factors that go into the longevity of your stickers. At this time, it is hard for us to offer a guarantee because of the numerous factors that go into play with installing and maintaining the stickers, i.e, surface prep, and cleaning variables.

We use top-tier sticker material (3M) and laminate to protect the stickers. However, we also recommend applying water-based wax layers over the stickers after they have been applied. The wax will help protect the stickers from foot traffic, and cleaners (however, please note that we recommend mopping the stickers by hand with soap and water). We do not recommend using a floor scrubber or other automated floor cleaning machine as this may damage the stickers.

Also, before applying the wax please test it with the sample pieces we have included in your order. It is important to make sure the wax does not affect the stickers. Multiple wax layers will protect the stickers, however, we still do not recommend using harsh chemicals, or striping the floors where the stickers are installed.