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The Multiply With Me Workbook teaches multiplication through physical activity and skip counting. Available as a paperback copy or digital-download e-book. Select your choice in the drop-down menu below.



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An Innovative Multiplication Program Using Multiply With Me!

Multiply With Me is an innovative, scripted workbook that teaches multiplication through physical activity and counting. This workbook is a part of the Math & Movement multiplication program. Multiple With Me harnesses a child’s love of movement and turns it into enthusiasm for skip counting and multiplication.

Children learn to multiply quickly and efficiently while enjoying the experience. The large print and child-centered activities in this multiplication workbook encourage children, especially those reluctant to math, to practice the basics. Introduce fun ways to practice multiplication facts!

Teachers and parents can use this multiplication workbook as a supplement to your school’s curriculum or for homeschooling. The complete multiplication program includes this student workbook and our Instructor Guide (sold separately). The two books can also be purchased in a package with our Skip Counting desktop charts.

Any child who can count to 144 can use the Multiply With Me program. Children as young as two or three can even begin some of the included activities, such as counting their steps. Most importantly, movement benefits all children. Complete the entire Multiply With Me program while standing up or moving around!

Many research studies have shown that movement enhances learning. Too much sitting results in decreased circulation and a subsequent decrease in concentration, while certain kinds of movement stimulate the release of dopamine and noradrenalin in the brain – which are essential to learning. Exercise stimulates our brains to produce a chemical called the brain-derived-neurotropic factor or BDNF. The extra BDNF helps new neurons and their connections grow.

Knowledge of skip counting facilitates the process of learning multiplication, division, factoring, fractions, decimals, percents, algebra, and advanced math. Teaching children the ABCs helps a child learn to read in the same way that teaching children to skip count helps a child learn multiplication.


Introduce Fun Ways to Practice Multiplication Facts

Create positive, energetic memories that your child will associate with math. Children who are comfortable with math in elementary school are less at risk to develop math anxiety later on. Furthermore, by using this multiplication workbook, you will set your student up to be confident in their comprehension of multiplication, rather than just rote memorization of facts. This strong foundation allows students to be successful in future advanced math concepts!

This multiplication program requires minimal preparation time. Multiply With Me is a scripted course. The Instructor Guide includes word-for-word what to say when leading a lesson!

Multiply With Me is flexible and can be used around busy schedules. Use this multiplication workbook as a part of our Fifteen Minute Math Challenge, in which parents, teachers, and students commit to spending fifteen minutes a day engaging in an enjoyable math-related activity.

Lessons in Multiply With Me are short, small, and easy to digest. You can also try out some of the included math games, such as Multiplication War, as part of the challenge. Kids love to learn and be physically active. Encourage movement while learning multiplication facts in a fun way!


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Author: Suzy Koontz, Math & Movement Founder and CEO

ISBN: 978-0-9815146-1-1

Pages: 118

Dimensions: 8.5 x 11 inches




“I love that you have made math an active endeavor (and so do my kids). And just so you know—the instructions to SHOUT the circled numbers were hilarious to my six-year-old. She thought that part was fantastic!”

—Parent of Public School Students


“What a treat on the 1st try! My son loved counting beans in the egg cartons and learning to count by 2s. He particularly liked the variety of methods of practicing, counting with me, counting by jumping, or by clapping. When we moved to the workbook he loved circling the numbers in the chart.

A real thrill was at the end of the first day of trying the skip counting method (we were doing “2s”). While he was falling asleep he asked, “Mommy, can you skip count by 4s?”

The 4 things I like most about ‘Multiply With Me, Learning to Multiply Can Be Fun’

  1. Concepts are presented in small accessible chunks
  2. Lessons are set up so there is a review of the previous lessons. That way the material is renewed and connected to the new lessons
  3. Physical movements and manipulatives to use, my son especially thrived on this
  4. Multiple kinds of activities to learn and exercise the concepts”

—Dr. Jacquie Lopez-Higgins, PhD. Biochemistry


“My daughter has benefited greatly from Multiply With Me! She is on the road to multiplying and understanding grouping numbers together. The physical part of Multiply With Me is super.

Catching and throwing a ball while she counts has made numbers much more exciting. The action part has created a smiley face instead of stress.”

—Homeschooling Parent


“I began Multiply With Me when my daughter finished third grade. What a difference it was to use Multiply With Me It was a no-stress way of learning and a lot of fun. Since my daughter was 9, we skipped ahead a bit, but it was a fun way to reinforce what she had already learned (or should I say memorized?).

I think she gained a stronger understanding of the relationship between numbers. She enjoyed the clapping and other movements that went along with the lessons. In fact, one of her major complaints about school was that she had to sit for 45 minutes or so while doing math. I think younger children and even children at her age need to move during class.

It is hard for them to sit still, let alone concentrate. The movement helped her focus in an effortless way on the math. She is now in fourth grade, and I think she has an understanding of multiplication that goes beyond memorization. Recently she told me that she knows how to multiply so well that she’s helping a friend in class!”

— Architect and Parent

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  1. Marcia Wade

    This book goes with the Multiply with Me Instructor Guide. It’s a lesson guide for students to learn to skip count and multiply. I recently used this at a Math and Movement camp and the campers used it in conjunction with the mats. They really loved having both options and it had amazing results in our post testing! This book is also great to give out at Family Fun nights to help parents provide the needed movement based assistance at home. Best for 2 nd – 5th graders, but parts of it can be used with younger grades.

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